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Featured: KC’s FLEX Era Light Bar

Check out Nomadist’s exclusive review on the brand new KC FLEX Era Light Bar and dive deep into a comparison between it and Baja Designs’ ONX6. We’ll be covering everything from unboxing to technical comparisons, so take a seat and dive in.

FLEX Era Review

KC’s FLEX ERA Light Bar

Designed to Shatter Expectations

FLEX Era Bar Benefits


Take everything you think you know about night rides and throw it in the trash. The FLEX ERA LED Light Bar sets new standard in beam quality and clarity, allowing you to ride At The Speed of Light.

FLEX Era Bar Benefits


The FLEX ERA Bar thrives in the unexpected and is built for the most demanding situations. You can count on it to prevail, backed by our Adventure Further Guarantee.

FLEX Era Bar Benefits


Trail-ready adaptability. The FE Bar’s 10″ segments link seamlessly to build a straight or curved bar. From overland builds to desert-destroying prerunners, the FE Bar conforms to your needs.

New: The Light Bar Buyer’s Guide

Explore our light bar buyer’s guide and find out what matters most and how you can quickly identify the best light bar for your needs, budget and mounting preferences.

Light Bars 101

Light Your Way to Adventure

Explore and discover the best off road lights, suitable for any automotive adventure. From rock lights to light bars, we’ve got all your needs covered. Shop confidently with Nomadist, a Certified KC Reseller.

Best Selling KC Lights


Featured: KC FLEX Era 4

From end to end, the FLEX ERA 4 shines with its unique character. Its distinctive, purposefully finned housing design underscores its strength and flair. 7,912 lumens per light ensure you’ll never get lost in the dark again.

The FLEX ERA® 4 helps you stand out in the crowd thanks to its Amber LED backlight. This can be used on-road or off-road, daytime or night time, and gives you an added touch of style.

Featured: Cyclone V2

The 5W Cyclone V2 LED light is multi-functional, compact & low profile, sturdy & rugged and delivers an incredibly bright 600 lumens of LED output.

Originally designed for Off-Road racers as an interior dome light, the Cyclone LED light has morphed into an all-purpose LED light for rock crawling, engine bays, wheel wells, truck beds, grills, bumpers, roof racks and continues to have infinite applications.

KC Cyclone V2 Rock Lights

Adventure-Ready Roof Racks & Mounts

Explore and discover the best roof racks and mounts, suitable for any automotive adventure. From simple light bar mounts to overland-ready, fully configured roof racks, we’ve got all your mounting & carrying needs covered.

Best Selling Racks & Mounts

Endless Adventures with Roof Top Tents

Explore and discover the best roof top tents, suitable for any automotive adventure, especially overlanding and short car camping trips. Your preferences are covered with a variety of soft-shell, hard-shell and clam-shell style roof top tents. Shop confidently with Nomadist, a Certified James Baroud Reseller.

Overlanding Gear Overload

Explore and discover absolutely everything you’ll ever need for extended camping and overlanding trips. We mean it. From all sorts of compact tents to accessories that can become literal life savers, we’re dedicated to bringing you the coolest overlanding gear online.

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