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Gather your Portable Camp Kitchen Box Supplies

First, let’s determine what you’ll need in your camping kitchen box. If you’re a beginner truck bed camper or just out of practice, here’s an extensive list of what we’d recommend including in your camp kitchen box – and you can download our free camp kitchen box printable checklist by clicking the button below:


Camp Kitchen Box Printable Checklist







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Preparing Meals

  • stove & fuel

  • caste iron pan/dutch oven*

  • folding campfire grill*

  • charcoal/fire starter

  • long handled lighter/matches

  • collapsible skewers/roasting sticks

  • oven mitts

  • pots & pans* with lids

  • mixing bowl

  • cutting board

  • cooking utensils: tongs, spatula, serving spoon

  • can opener/bottle opener/corkscrew

  • scissors

  • knives in sheaths

  • measuring cups & spoons

  • heavy duty tinfoil

  • parchment paper


Sitting Down To Eat

  • tablecloth & clips

  • plates

  • bowls

  • silverware

  • cups

  • napkins

Kitchen Cleanup

  • trash bags

  • biodegradable soap

  • sponge/dish scrubber

  • collapsible tub or sink*

  • hand towels

  • paper towels

  • baby wipes

  • Clorox wipes

  • hand sanitizer

Kitchen Storage

  • camp kitchen box for all kitchen gear

  • large water storage container*

  • dry food storage container or tote (and bear box* if necessary)

  • cooler(s) & ice

  • protective egg case

  • Tupperware for leftovers

  • bag clips/twist ties

  • assortment of Ziploc bags

  • extra plastic sacks


Food & Drink Basics

And if you’re interested in seeing exactly what we use, you can check out the Camp Kitchen Section on our Gear Page.

Tips on gathering Camp Kitchen BOX Supplies

Once you have an idea of the kitchen gear you need and want in your kit, it’s time to fill that camping kitchen box! A few tips on finding low-cost camping kitchen supplies and equipment:

  1. Stick with your list – don’t get sucked into all the gimmicky camping gear that’s out there.

  2. Look in your own kitchen for extras. Do you really need all those bottle openers or spatulas in your overfilled kitchen drawer? All 5 oven mitts? 13 kitchen dish towels? Grab the extras for your camp kitchen box if it’s on your list.

  3. Walk up and down some thrift store isles. There’s typically an abundance of random plastic plates, cups, kitchen utensils and gadgets available for pennies.

  4. Visit a big box retailer or shop online for something you feel you need and haven’t found in your house or a thrift store. Note: Throwing the label ‘for camping’ on a product seems to automatically raise the price, so don’t head straight for the camping section! If what you need might be found in a different department, check there first.

  5. Specialty Camping Gear Store – proceed with caution! These products will be at a premium price. If you’re a beginning camper it might be wise to hold off on most things from stores like this until you get into a camping groove and can better determine what’s right for you and your family.

    However, it is nice to have some camping kitchen space saving gear like nesting pots and pans, and a compact but reliable stove. In our opinion, these have been worth the extra investment. Definitely not a necessity though!

Selecting a Portable Camp Kitchen Box For Storage

Once you have all your camping supplies gathered, it’s time to find an actual camp kitchen box to store all your supplies. This doesn’t have to be fancy, a budget friendly Rubbermaid Brute* container will work just fine, or you can get a sturdier water-resistant latching container like the Front Runner Wolf Pack* that can also double as a seat, step stool, or kids’ table surface while camping.


Buy on Amazon

Buy on Amazon


Whatever storage box you choose, make sure there’s a little extra space once everything is inside so that your camp kitchen doesn’t feel like a puzzle every time you need to pack up.

Or if you’re feeling really motivated and have extra time and money, consider making your own camp kitchen chuck box. Here’s a great step-by-step tutorial with tons of pictures.

Portable Camp Kitchen Box Packing Tips

  • Keep a sticky note and pencil in your camp kitchen box so that you can write down any supplies you realize you’re missing while you’re out camping. Then once you’re home, you’ll remember to add it before your next trip.

  • After every few camping trips, we recommend reviewing your supplies and removing those items you just never use – especially if your camp kitchen box seems cluttered.

  • You’ll have a few last minute items to grab that you need for camping but may not want to store permanently in your camp kitchen box – maybe an item you frequently use at home and don’t want to purchase a duplicate of. Jot those things on a sticky note and tape it to the top of your camp kitchen storage box. When packing up, this mini-list will take most of the thinking out of getting ready to hit the road and head to your favorite campsite.

There you have it! That’s how we initially filled our camp kitchen box years and years ago, and many of the items can still be found in our truck bed camping kitchen today!

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