Easy camping snacks that are healthy, for kids, or to buy for camping trips

Whether your camping trip entails sitting around the campfire for hours or plenty of hiking and exploring, you’re going to want to have some good camping snacks on hand! We’ve got a master list of camping snack ideas for you to pull from – divided into healthy camping snacks, camping snacks especially for kids (mom and dad might find some favorites here too!), and some good camping snacks to buy for a little more convenience as you create your camping meal plan.

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Healthy Camping Snacks

Healthy camping snacks are nice to have on hand no matter how you camp. If you’re lounging around all day, you might feel better if you fill the in-between-meal-times with healthy and nutritious camping snacks. And if you’re out and about all day you’ll need some power-packed snack ideas to keep your energy up!

sliced veggies as a healthy make ahead camping snack


hummus pinwheels as a healthy camping snack for adults


homemade granola bars as a make ahead healthy camping snack


avocado as an easy and healthy camping snack


baked apples as a healthy camping snack idea


easy camping snacks healthy ideas

  • Avocado: Cut it in half, sprinkle with seasoned salt or cayenne pepper, and eat it with a spoon right out of the shell

  • Fresh Fruit: Go for something easily portable that won’t bruise quickly like bananas, apples, oranges or clementines, grapefruit, kiwi, grapes

  • Yogurt Parfaits: Adding prewashed and pre-cut fruit to yogurt can make it stretch much further and make it a yummy treat. Throw some granola in for a nice crunch too

  • Boiled Eggs: You could remove the shell at home to make this camping snack even easier. Try it with some dijon mustard for some extra zip

  • Cottage Cheese: But make sure to add something to it! Try raspberries, peppers, or cherry tomatoes

  • Fresh Veggies & Dip: Prewashed and sliced at home – bell peppers, cucumber, carrots, or celery are all great! Guacamole, hummus, or french onion dip are all excellent with veggies

  • Granola Bars: Larabars, KIND bars, and many more are actually filled with ingredients your body will thank you for! Check out this post from Greatist for a crash course on finding the best store bought granola bars

  • Homemade Granola Bars: Or make your own granola bars for the same health benefits at a lower cost!

  • Seeds and Nuts: A good camping snack alternative to granola bars, super portable, delicious, and filling

  • Apple Slices in Foil: If you’ve got the time to create a campfire snack, this is a good one! Wrap sliced apples in foil after sprinkling them with cinnamon, and heat them over the fire for ten minutes or so

  • Pinwheels: Spread your favorite hummus onto a tortilla and top lightly with cheese. Roll, slice, and enjoy delicious little pinwheel camping snacks

  • Chocolate Trail Bites: If you know you’re going to want something indulgent, plan for success! These delicious little chocolatey treats are a satisfying camping snack that can keep you away from the brownies you brought for the kids

Camping Snacks for Kids

Kids love fun camping snacks made just for them! Making these camping snacks for kids can be an activity you do together while at camp, or you can make many of these snack ideas ahead if you’d rather have the ease of simply tossing food their way when their tummies start to grumble.


Trail mix as easy camping snacks for kids


ant on a log as a fun and easy camping snack idea for kids


easy make ahead muffins as easy camping snacks for kids


fun and easy camping snack ideas for kids


peanut butter pinwheels as easy camping snacks for kids


make ahead camping snacks for kids


pineapple dessert is an easy camping snack idea for kids


healthy camping snacks for kids

  • Pineapple: Cut at home and serve up sprinkled with mini chocolate chips

  • Graham Crackers: Top with pre sliced strawberries and chocolate chips (or whipped cream if you’ve got the extra room in your camping fridge or cooler!)

  • Ants on a Log: Wash and slice celery at home, fill with peanut butter, and top with raisins for a fun camping snack for kids

  • Apple Cookies: Core and slice green apples, spread with a layer of peanut butter, then top with chocolate chips

  • Chocolate Milk: Make at home or buy small bottles for an easy camping snack

  • Banana Bread or Muffins: Make your favorite homemade bread in muffin tins for a portable camping snack you can easily hand your kids as they run by

  • Customized Trail Mix: Create your own trail mix for a kid-friendly camping snack that’s easy to make ahead – think peanuts, cashews, almonds, mini teddy grahams, goldfish, dry cereal, pretzels, yogurt covered raisins, dried cherries, cranberries, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips. Yes please!

  • PB&J Pinwheels: Spread peanut butter and jelly onto a tortilla, roll, and slice into pinwheel/sushi shape for a tasty (though kinda messy) camping snack kids will love

  • No Bake Peanut Butter Bites: These delicious power-packed energy bites are easy to make ahead and are incredibly enticing to kids because the addition of colorful chocolate chips, and are full of healthy ingredients that will keep your kids energized during your camping trip

Camping Snacks to Buy

It’s super nice to add camping snacks you can buy to your shopping list and to just be done with this part of meal planning sometimes! Here’s a roundup of some camping snack ideas you can buy right off the store shelves.

  • Goldfish*

  • Individual Applesauce Cups*

  • Chips and Dip: Walk through the premade dip isle and treat yourself to something new!

  • Cheese Sticks: Add crackers or pretzels to stretch this a little further

  • Individual Pudding Cups

  • Mini Boxes of Cereal: Eat dry

  • Individual Fruit Cups

  • Popcorn: Buy a bag of pre-popped popcorn for the easiest camping snack

  • Chex Mix*

  • Beef Jerky*

  • Summer Sausage: Pair with crackers, cheese, sliced veggies for a more filling camping snack

  • Granola Bars: we really like these*

  • Cookies

  • Trail Mix: Sweet, or salty, or both*!

  • Granola*

  • Flavored Almonds*

There you have it! All good camping snacks and nothing too complicated! We know that as you’re packing up for a camping trip you don’t want to spend too much time planning and preparing camping snacks for your family. We hope this list can help take some of the stress out of getting ready to go or give you some new camping snack ideas! Enjoy!

Want the camping snack list in a printed version to keep with your camping supplies or recipes?


Free printable camping snack list for kids, healthy camping snacks, and camping snacks to buy list


Free printable camping meal plan template





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Over 30 easy camping snacks divided into: camping snacks to buy, simple camping snacks for kids, and healthy camping snacks for adults and kids. These are all simple camping snack ideas!


Over 30 easy camping snacks divided into: healthy camping snacks for adults and kids, simple camping snacks for kids, and camping snacks to buy. These are all simple camping snack ideas!


Over 30 easy camping snacks divided into: simple camping snacks for kids, camping snacks to buy, and healthy camping snacks for adults and kids. These are all simple camping snack ideas!


Over 30 easy camping snacks divided into: camping snacks to buy, simple camping snacks for kids, and healthy camping snacks for adults and kids. These are all simple camping snack ideas!


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