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Whether you’re tent camping, car camping, truck camping, or overlanding, there’s no better feeling than settling into a comfy camp chair, huddled around the campfire, after a long day of outdoor adventures.

But finding the best camping chairs can be an arduous process, and with new models continuously coming out it’s hard to know where to start.

In this post we’ll teach you how to select the best camping chairs for your personal camping setup, and give our recommendations for the top 12 best camping chairs for a variety of campers.


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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Camping Chair

To make choosing the best camping chair easier, we’re going to look at 8 common features. Once you know which features are most important, you’ll be ready to grab a camp chair that’s just right for you!

Collapsed Size of Your Camp Chair

Depending on your camping setup, the collapsed size of a camping chair may be a major factor to consider. We’ve personally purchased camp chairs in the past simply because they fit perfectly in the space in our diy truck camping platform that we needed them to.

But if you’ve got the space in your car camping setup or you won’t need to lug your camping chair very far when you get to camp, this may not matter as much.


Similar to collapsed size, if you’re planning to tote your camping chair’s weight back and forth at camp, the beach, or while hiking, weight is really important to consider when picking out the best camping chair.

Seated Height of Your Camp Chair

Seat height is how far the seat of your camp chair is from the ground. Typically, the lower a camping chair’s seat height, the trickier it’ll be to get in and out of – especially for taller people. However, too tall of a camp chair can be uncomfortable for shorter people and put excessive pressure against the back of your knees or thighs. We recommend measuring the distance from the ground to the crux of the back of your knee and finding a camping chair that has a similar seat height.

Low camp chairs do have their place though – they’re great for beach camping, or setting up on soft terrain where a higher center-of-gravity may feel unstable, or even to take along to music events where chair height may be restricted. But if you go with a low seat height, be prepared for your kids to routinely swipe them from you because kids love them too!


Comfort in a camping chair is a bit more subjective, and can vary from person to person. But camp chairs that offer things like high backs, adjustable recline, rocking, or quilted, ventilated, or even heated seats can be a real game-changer when it comes to comfort while camping.


Cost is always a factor worth considering, and will certainly play a role in finding a camping chair that’ll both meet your needs and budget.

In our Best Camp Chair roundup below, we’ve got a few great budget options listed. But this is definitely an area we’ve found worth spending a little extra on to have a comfortable and durable camp chair that you won’t need to replace every year.

Durability of Your Camping Chair

A camping chair is subjected to a good deal of abuse – from windy campfire flops to drunken brother-in-law plops, you want a camp chair that will hold up to anything you may throw at it. Keep an eye out for things like loosely riveted plastic joints and weak stitching around fabric attachment points as these can be an indication of a low quality camp chair.

Capacity / Stability of Your Camp Chair

A camp chair’s weight capacity and stability often go hand in hand, and if you’re a heavier set person, the max weight will be an important stat to look at. Many of the compact or ultralight camp chairs can feel weak or be limiting in this way – resulting in an unstable perch rather than a relaxing spot to sit around the campfire!

Sturdy camping chairs will often be heavier and bulkier, so they typically won’t be as portable. But this tradeoff is well worth the added comfort and support a heavy duty camping chair will provide.

Camping Chair Extra Features

Extra features on camp chairs are things like drink holders, pockets, storage bags, heated seats (can you believe that?!), or any other add-ons that fall outside the role of providing a place to sit.

Some of these added features may seem fairly inconsequential, but they can definitely make the difference between a camp chair that’s alright and a camp chair that’s awesome!

The Best Camping Chairs 2022

Here’s a line-up of the top 12 best camping chairs of 2022! If you’ve decided which features are the most important to you, picking out a great one from this list should be a breeze.

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Best Overall Camp Chair

Front Runner Expander Camp Chair

  • Weight: 9lbs

  • Collapsed Size: 17”x16”x2”

  • Seat Height: 17”

  • Capacity: 250lbs Max

The Front Runner Expander Chair ticks a lot of boxes with its compact collapsing design, ventilated back, adequate cup holder, book pocket, and phone storage.

Plus we found it’s semi-reclined seating position extremely comfortable.


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Best Cheap Camp Chair

Coleman Folding Camp Chair

  • Weight: 1.78lbs

  • Collapsed Size: 22”x16”x3”

  • Seat Height: 17.5”

  • Capacity: 225lbs max

The Coleman folding Camp Chair is relatively compact, light-weight, and very budget-friendly, but it’s a no-frills design – no fancy cup holders or armrests, just a comfortable camping chair to take a load off at the end of the day.


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Best Kids Camping Chair

Rothco Folding Camp Chair

  • Weight: 2lbs

  • Collapsed Size: 10.4”x8.75”x1”

  • Seat Height: 12”

  • Capacity: 176lbs max

We’ve found that kids rarely sit down and relax at camp – there’s too much exploring to do! The Rothco Folding Camping Chair is extremely compact and light making it easy for kids to carry, and because its light-weight it makes it great for hikes (the one time they actually do want to stop and sit down).

Plus it can double as a footstool for the adult camp chairs when it’s not in use.


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Best Rocking Camp Chair

GCI Outdoor Roadtrip Rocker

  • Weight: 12.8lbs

  • Collapsed Size: 43.3”x8.1”x9.1”

  • Seat Height: 19.7”

  • Capacity: 250lbs max

Who doesn’t like a good rocking chair? Now you can take one camping!

The GCI Outdoor Roadtrip Rocker has a nice comfortable tall back, an ample cup holder, and a unique piston-based rocking system that will lull you gently to sleep.


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Best Camping Chair for Heavy People

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

  • Weight: 13lbs

  • Collapsed Size: 41”x7”x7”

  • Seat Height: 18”

  • Capacity: 800lbs max

If you’re looking for the best plus-size camp chair – look no further.

The ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Camp Chair’s 800lbs capacity offers enough stability for any camper and includes two cup holders, 3 storage pockets, and a handy storage case too!


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Best Compact Camping Chair

Big Agnes Mica Armchair

  • Weight: 2lbs 15oz.

  • Collapsed Size: 18”x4”x5”

  • Seat Height: 16”

  • Capacity: 300lbs max

Compact Camp Chairs have to walk a fine line between weight-savings and comfort.

The Big Agnes Mica Armchair does it better than any other we’ve tried by utilizing a wider (31”) and deeper (19.5”) seating design than most other compact camping chairs out there. Plus it includes a storage case, and two cup holders!


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Best Two Person Camping Chair

Kelty Loveseat Camping Chair

  • Weight: 15lbs

  • Collapsed Size: 41”x12”x12”

  • Seat Height: 19”

  • Capacity: 400lbs max

We love the Kelty Loveseat Camp Chair for cozying up by the campfire on a romantic camping trip. It includes two cup holders, adjustable armrests, and a storage/carry case as well.


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Best Heated Camping Chair

POP Design’s “The Hot Seat”

  • Weight: 11lbs

  • Collapsed Size: 37.5”x8”x8”

  • Seat Height: 17.5”

  • Capacity: 300lbs max

When staying toasty is paramount, a heated camp chair can be a real game-changer. The Hot Seat camp chair by POP Design includes a cup holder, multiple storage pockets, 3-position recline, and a freaking heater in the seat!

Do note, the battery pack is not included – however, this 36000mAh portable camping power pack* should equate to approximately 13 hours of toasty buns.


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Best Tall Camping Chair

Big Agnes Big Six Arm Chair

  • Weight: 4lbs 2oz.

  • Collapsed Size: 22”x5”x6”

  • Seat Height: 20”

  • Capacity: 300lbs max

If you’re looking for a tall camping chair in a relatively compact design, the Big Agnes Big Six Arm Chair is a solid choice.

It includes comfortable armrests, two cup holders, with a seat height that’s easy for taller folks to get in and out of too.



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Best Ultralight Camping Chair

Helinox Chair Zero

  • Weight: 1lb 3 oz.

  • Collapsed Size: 13.5”x4”x4”

  • Seat Height: 8.5” seat height

  • Capacity: 265lbs max

The Helinox Chair Zero is renowned by campers and backpackers the world over as the best ultralight camping chair out there. It offers a super portable design that’s hardly larger than a Nalgene bottle when packed away in the included carry/storage case.

Though, like most ultralight camp chairs, there’s no fancy cup holders or pockets in sight.


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Best Reclining Camp Chair (arguably The Most Comfortable Camp Chair too!)

Nemo Stargaze Recliner Camp Chair

  • Weight: 7lbs 2oz

  • Collapsed Size: 23.5”x6.5”x6.5”

  • Seat Height: appx 20”

  • Capacity: 300lbs max

While certainly not the most budget-friendly option, the Nemo Stargaze Recliner camp chair is the best reclining camp chair and arguably the MOST comfortable camping chair, period.

With its auto-reclining adjustable design, it swings, rocks, and reclines. And it still includes a cup holder and carrying/storage case.


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Best Heavy-Duty Camping Chair

Yeti Trailhead Camp Chair

  • Weight: 13lbs

  • Collapsed Size: 43”x11.75”x9”

  • Seat Height: 16.75”

  • Capacity: 500lbs max

If cost is no concern and you’re wanting the most heavy duty camp chair on the market, the Yeti Trailhead camp chair might be the best one for you. Its extremely supportive and breathable “Flexgrid” UV resisting fabric conforms to your body while still maintaining an impressive 500lb capacity.

Plus it utilizes a durable scratch and chip resistant paint, includes a large cup holder designed for use with Yeti’s awesome camping mugs*, and a carry/storage case as well.

The Best Camp Chair Accessories and Tips

If you’re wanting to turn a good camp chair into a great one, here are some tips and accessories to help:

  • Permethrin Bug Repellant* – treat the fabric on your camping chairs at the start of each season to help keep the bugs at bay (just check with the manufacturer that the permethrin won’t adversley effect your camp chair’s particular fabric material)

  • Add a clamping universal cup holder* – if your compact collapsible camping chair is short on cup holders, this is a great workaround

  • A collapsible foot rest* can add some additional comfort to your camp chair

  • An adjustable camp chair umbrella* that clamps onto your camping chair can add some shade when desert or beach camping

  • Helinox makes a handy universal camp chair tie-down that’s great for keeping light-weight camp chairs from taking flight on windy days or flopping over into the campfire (been there 😅).

  • A small piece of closed-cell foam padding added to the seat of your camp chair will provide a surprising amount of additional warmth on chilly nights. We cut squares from an old foam exercise mat and then roll them up and store them in the carry case of the camp chairs when not needed

There you have it – everything you need to select the best camp chair for your needs!

If you’re interested in our camping, overlanding, and family travel tips and guides, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to receive our blog updates right in your inbox. And if you have any questions or other camp chair recommendations, please drop a comment down below – we’d love to hear from you!

As always, thanks for reading!

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