Being a twin, I’ve always been obsessed with being original and having original thought.  As a kid my parents always used to dress us exactly the same and as we grew older, had a deep desire to differentiate ourselves.  The interesting thing that I’ve learned over the course of my lives that identical twins usually become more similar if they grow up apart, but we grew up together and made it a point to differentiate our identities to avoid “identity loss”.  In college, I learned of multiple case studies of twins that grew up apart, but ended up marrying spouses that looked the same and also pursued careers in similar industries.  For my brother and I this has driven us to become completely different people with completely different perspectives, but one thing we have always shared is love for technology. 

Building & Growing Nomadist

Nomadist was started because I believe there is a gap in Automotive & Outdoor adventure that we believe technology can solve. There is so much amazing content and around passionate people, but its not surfaced in an objective way because the incentive is always monetization. We believe that we can create a curated index of Automotive & Outdoor Adventure information that serves only one purpose:  To educate, inform, and inspire the world to go out and explore without trying to sell product too hard or sell anything for that matter. 

The site will be completely free to use and I hope to eventually get feedback to improve it and even source content from the public.  I’m a strong believer in open-source, trustless, and permission-less ecosystems (like blockchain) and thought it would be a fun project to use the same mentality to create an indexed, curated content portal for Vehicle Adventures and Overlanding.

I want Nomadist to be the first Automotive Adventure Blog that was created by an everyday guy, for the everyday guy.  

Our mission for Nomadist: 

Drive Adventure Forward!

Our vision for Nomadist:

Discover the best blogs and information for automotive & outdoor adventure as it relates to tech, business, food, marketing, entrepreneurship, products, news, photography by curating and aggregating RSS feeds.

Provide a UI that allows the user to customize and craft their own experience that matches their needs and reading / viewing preferences.

Empower quality content in this space to be distributed and surfaced without censorship.

The Nomadist

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About the Author: The Nomadist

The Nomadist represents our shared voice & passion for everything adventure related and automotive driven. One voice, one passion and one mission for the people behind The Nomadist: driving adventure forward!