Overland Storage Solutions: Maximizing Space and Efficiency

Explore different types of overlanding storage solutions for maximizing space and ensuring a seamless overlanding adventure.

Exploring Overlanding Storage

Overlanding, a form of adventure travel, involves exploring remote destinations where the journey is the primary goal. It’s about self-reliance, exploration, and embracing the great outdoors. However, this unique way of traveling requires careful planning, especially when it comes to storage solutions. Whether it’s about overland water storage or clever ways to stow gear in your vehicle, the goal is clear – optimize space without sacrificing efficiency.

Drawing from decades of hands-on overlanding, we’ve curated a collection of tried-and-true storage strategies to keep your essentials secure on the road. You might remember some of these tips from our Overlanding Guide, so get ready for even more in-depth information about all your overlanding necessities, from water and food to trash disposal.

Overland Water Storage

Water, the lifeblood of any overland adventure, requires a pragmatic approach to storage. Knowing how overlanders store their water is essential for planning your trip. From portable containers to built-in tanks, we’ve explored various options, tailoring our insights to your vehicle’s capacity and anticipated water needs. Keep it straightforward with durable, food-grade containers to ensure your water remains safe for consumption without complicating your setup.

Overland Storage - Food

Overlanding Storage Ideas for Food and Beverages

Storing food during overland trips requires careful planning. How overlanders store their food is crucial to maintaining its freshness. Your approach can make the difference between a delightful meal under the stars and a wilderness disaster. As seasoned overlanders, we understand the importance of meticulous food storage, not just for freshness but also to outsmart curious wildlife lurking in the shadows. If you’ve ever overlanded before, you know there’s little room for error when it comes to food storage. The last thing you want is to throw away ingredients or be concerned about food poisoning on the road from consuming something that’s not fresh or safe to eat.

We always recommend consuming perishables first. When packing, prioritize the food you’ll devour initially. Use airtight containers and coolers to keep perishables fresh. Planning your meals and knowing the duration of your food supplies can help in efficient packing and storage.

Pro Tips

Label your containers with meal names and dates. It not only adds an organizational touch but also helps you keep track of freshness. No more mystery meals – just straightforward, enjoyable dining experiences.

Let’s be real – we’ve all been there, staring at a plate of something that looks more like a beige landscape than a meal. Don’t compromise on flavor just because you’re on the road. Instead, grab those little containers or resealable bags that take up minimal space and make your own spice kit. Trust us; it can turn a simple meal into something that tastes like real food.

Absolutely nothing is worse than having a lukewarm salad or beverage. That is why one of our favorite hacks involves giving your cooler a quick chill in the fridge or freezer before packing. It helps extend the coolness of your food or drinks for much longer.

For those who can’t live without coffee, freeze your favorite brew into ice cubes. These coffee cubes not only chill your beverage without diluting it but also serve as a handy addition to your cooler, pulling double duty as flavor enhancers and coolants. It doesn’t just work for coffee though, you can also use it to make iced tea or anything you want, really. Pair this with the pre-cooler chill, and you’ll have your daily beverages sorted.

Overland Storage - Roof Top Tent with Rack Storage

Overland Vehicle Storage Solutions

Your overland vehicle, your lifeline, deserves a storage strategy that aligns with its role as your mobile base camp. Overlanding storage ideas should revolve around efficiency and accessibility. Storage boxes are a popular choice, offering secure and organized ways to store gear, and they’re one of our favorite methods to take essentials on the road. These can be strategically placed within the vehicle or mounted on roof racks for additional space. When selecting storage boxes, consider the material (for durability) and size (for fitting your gear without overcrowding the vehicle).

Roof Rack & Rack Accessories

A roof rack is essential, providing extra space for bulky items like tents, spare tires, and fuel containers. Ever notice how your rig feels a bit different with gear on the roof? That’s the aerodynamics at play. While a roof rack can add to the overall aesthetic of your vehicle I’ve learned to appreciate a sleek, aerodynamic roof rack. It minimizes wind resistance, preventing a noticeable dip in fuel efficiency. Your gas mileage will thank you.

Try to always place heavier items closer to your vehicle’s center to maintain balance. Be mindful of the weight because a few bumps and jolts can turn into a full-on obstacle course. Having been there, we’d recommend not just eyeballing your gear’s weight but factoring in the forces that off-road adventures throw at your rig. Choose a rack that can handle both your gear and the unexpected.

Storage Solutions

If you want something a bit more personalized to your vehicle you can splash out on a custom solution to fit specific needs and vehicle models, making every inch count. However, that can sometimes be a bit costly.

If you’re looking to be a bit more budget-friendly why not add drawers to your overland setup? It means no more digging through bags to find that elusive tool or snack – everything has its designated spot, making on-the-go access a breeze. Just take care to secure the drawers before setting off on your journey – you do not want to have everything flying everywhere if you hit particularly rough terrain.

However, if you’re just looking to store smaller items, one often underused area is the vertical space above. Hanging pouches for smaller items keeps clutter at bay and can help neatly organize storage – just be careful not to obscure your view while driving.

Overlanding Preparation

Before Setting Out

Overlanding is as much about adventure as it is about preparation. Efficient storage solutions ensure that every aspect of your journey is considered. Always be aware of what the weather may be doing on the day. Nature’s unpredictability is part of the overlanding allure, but it can also throw a curveball at your gear. Invest in weatherproofing measures. Whether it’s waterproof bags for sensitive equipment or rain covers for your storage solutions, a little weatherproofing can prevent a dampened mood when the skies open up unexpectedly.

Ever been on the road and forgotten something? Of course, you have, and so have we. This is why doing the regular gear check routine is vital. Before hitting the trail, do a quick inventory. Ensure everything is in its designated place, check for any wear and tear, and confirm that your essential tools are still on board. It’s a simple step that prevents big headaches later.

Embrace flexibility in your preparedness. Keep a basic toolkit for unexpected repairs, spare parts, and a first aid kit for those inevitable bumps and scrapes. Your preparedness toolkit should evolve as your overland journey unfolds, ensuring you’re ready for anything the trail throws your way.

After: Leaving No Trace

Trash might not be the most glamorous part of overlanding, but it’s a reality we all face. Our tip? Embrace the “leave no trace” ethos. Have designated trash bags and disposal methods ready. If you want to learn more, check out our blog, how to store and dispose of trash and garbage, because trust us, there’s no better feeling than rolling out of a campsite with zero evidence of your presence.

Final Thoughts:

Overland storage solutions are a crucial aspect of preparing for any overland adventure. From water and food to tools and personal items, how you store your essentials can significantly impact your experience. By utilizing smart overland storage ideas like roof racks, storage boxes, and custom solutions, you can ensure your journey is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Remember, the key to successful overlanding lies in balancing the thrill of adventure with the art of preparation.



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