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Why We Chose the Pro6 Light Bar

The Pro6, a revolutionary product brought to fruition by the talented team at KC, is a fitting tribute to the world of off-road racing and its golden era. With its sleek futuristic design and cutting-edge technology, it stands out as a testament to the team’s innovation and creativity. Unlike many other companies, KC has managed to create its own reflector technology without compromising on reliability or performance, ensuring that the Pro6 delivers an unparalleled output. While we have a deep respect for other well-known automotive lighting providers, but we can’t help but feel that their focus has shifted more towards marketing rather than catering to their customers’ needs and providing an authentic off-road experience.

KC’s At its core, DNA is inextricably linked to the thrilling world of off-road racing, and their unparalleled expertise in design philosophy has allowed them to craft top-of-the-line consumer products tailored to the outdoor adventure space. KC, with over five decades of experience in the industry, has carved a unique niche by prioritizing functional excellence in their products while also delivering an unmatched aesthetic appeal. Indeed, their products stand out as exemplars of quality and innovation, unrivaled by any other in the market. The Pro6, in particular, was a true game-changer as it represented the world’s first fully articulating light bar – a revolutionary feat that KC accomplished without any compromise on either design or build quality.  The reason why we think it’s one of the best fits for overlanding is because of its lower power draw – which reduces the risk of pulling too much power from your alternator, and its nicely refined beam pattern is great for a variety of different terrains without using too many moving parts on the PCB board to accomplish this.

The Pro6 at a Glance

Key Features

One of the most unique designs in the offroad industry

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  • Expandable up to 9 lights
  • Replace any portion of the light without buying a new light bar
  • GRD – Proprietary reflector technology that harnesses the most light possible
  • Fully articulating – The light bar can curve into any roofline
  • Finely tuned color temperature

Full Tech Specs

Pro6 Specifications

Light Temperature 5000K
Lumens 6,900 lm
Lux 2,794 lx
Wattage 60W
Voltage 9V-32V
Amp Draw 5.0 a

The Pro6 in Action

Pro6 Light Bar Reviews

“You ever bought something for your rig thats so cool that you can’t stop staring at it?”

Brad Kowitz, Trail Recon

“This light really saved us one time coming down a mountain, our dog was in need of medical care immediately and we needed to get down windy roads safely. The light bar really saved us.”

Michael Murgia, Overland Bound

“This is the best looking and best performing light bar i’ve ever had on my Jeep”

Kevin Altringer, Jeep Generation

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