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Bundutec USA

A Trusted Manufacturer of Pop-Top and Hard-Walled Campers

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Rory Willett founded BundutecUSA, Inc. in 2013 after retiring as president of Northstar Campers. Willett began his career with the family business at age 16 and spent the next four decades growing it into one of the top truck camper manufacturers in the United States. He then sold BundutecUSA in 1998 to pursue other interests. With a lifetime of experience designing and engineering campers, you can rest assured that your camper will be built to last with a patented construction method designed to withstand greater rigors than other models on the market today.

BundutecUSA is an authorized distributor of two innovative products that offer original solutions. The BunduTop combines a rooftop tent with a pop-up truck camper and the BunduAwn enables you to enjoy the outdoors without having to put up a tent. The founders, who have used their products in the Kalahari bush of Botswana for years, developed them with a clear understanding of what features and characteristics are most important for outdoor comfort.

BundutecUSA pop-top truck campers offer unique features and benefits, including a patented roof design with a 4-corner electric jack system. The pop-top can be raised by pushing a button, allowing the user to gain access to an additional area of space for sleeping or storing items. Rory enjoys working one-on-one with each customer to give them a vehicle that fits their lifestyle needs and wants.

Main Products: Roof Top Tents

Secondary Products: Truck Campers Awnings & Accessories

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