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Nomadist | Overlanding, Off Road & Camping Gear Store


We spent all of our spare time traveling to ride bikes, skate, to go skiing, snowboarding, or to try our hand at surfing. Our only goal was to partake in these activities while keeping the biggest smiles on our faces. After all, nothing compares to a good session on the mountain, the skatepark, or a good road trip with friends.

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keepitfvn (keep-it-fun)

The name “Keep It Fun” reflects the company’s priorities and way of life.

Keepitfvn was founded in 2012 by a group of friends who had a shared love for adventure and the outdoors. After traveling to national parks and exploring cities and towns across the country, they wanted to bring more to the table and introduce others to what they had created. In 2020, Keepitfvn has new goals to promote environmental stewardship through ethical product design and partnerships with conservation organizations.

Main Products: Roof Top Tents

Secondary Products: Trailer & Accessories

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