Now THIS is going to be KC Equipped build that you’re gonna want to read all about. We sat down with KC Ambassador and expert rock-crawler, Adam Pfeifer aka @oh_that_1_dude, to discuss the his Jeep named Titan and determine which lights he uses most while tackling the trails. From dominating some of the toughest trails from Die Tryin’ in Montrose, CO to Hell’s Revenge in Moab, to having an accidental roll-over that totaled the Jeep and required a full rebuild, Titan has been through it all. So grab your popcorn, sit back, and enjoy what Adam has to say about the Jeep JK that gets him through the toughest of rock-crawling trails.

What’s the backstory behind your Jeep Titan?

“I bought the Jeep JK about 4 yrs ago and it was black and had 20” wheels, another brand lift, armor etc. When I bought it, I had no plans of taking it off road. Well, that didn’t last long. After some buddies convinced me into going off road with it, I realized it needed some changes…. and so it began. It’s now evolved into a rock crawling, trail busting, street legal machine! It has a new color, bigger axles, tires, roll cage, lights etc. I wanted a well-built Jeep that can do any trail I throw at it, day or night, and be able to drive home.”

Why did you choose KC Lights?

“Like many, I started out with some no-name lights from amazon. After a few rains, car washes, and snowy trail runs, the lights didn’t perform or hold up and always got condensation behind the lens. I was done – I needed lights that would hold up to the test and weren’t afraid of getting wet. I compared big name brands side by side and at the end of the searching, my choice was KC. I especially loved that they kept the round lights to match the jeeps factory headlights and in addition, their warranty is phenomenal. For a company to have that long of warranty says a lot to me – it says they take pride in their product just like I take pride in my Jeep. I’m running their Pro6s, FLEX series, Cyclones, and the Multi-function chase light. Every light that’s on Titan serves a purpose, I have zero issues going from rock crawling, high speed, or just posting up at the mall.”

Let’s Take a Peek Underneath:

“With 40″ Mickeys, double triangulated four link rear suspension, front and rear bulletproof Fusion 4×4 axles, and all of the armor, my Jeep is a true rock-crawler at heart: I wanted a well-built a Jeep that can do any trail I throw at it, day or night, and be able to drive home.” And take it from us – we’ve seen him take on some of the toughest trails including the Rubicon, John Bull, and many others, and Titan handles it all and comes out begging for more.

What lights do you use most to crawl with?

“Of all my lights, to be honest, some of my favorites that are most useful while crawling at night are the Cyclones. I have 16 of ’em underneath Titan – which is definitely overkill – and 6 more for interior lighting. They allow me to see exactly where my tire placement needs to be and make crawling at night much safer. Next up in terms of importance for the slow speed stuff is my 10” FLEX LED Light Bar on the front bumper along with the Gravity Pro Headlights so I can see what’s coming up next on the trail.”

Now that we know the story of Adam’s Jeep JK, let’s dive into full build specs as they are today (July 2020). This Wrangler JK is just at home in the rocks as it in in the desert at higher speeds.

The Essentials:

  • Stock 3.6 L Pentastar Engine
  • Stock Transmission
  • 2014 Rubicon Transfer Case
  • K&M 2.5” Drivelines with 1350 U-joints
  • AFE cold air intake
  • Dual Optima yellow top batteries
  • Aluminum Mishimoto radiator
  • PSC XD Big Bore kit with hydro assist

Wheels & Tires:

  • 17” KMC Desert Grenade bead locks
  • 40×13.50 Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ

Exterior & Recovery Gear:

  • Custom Toyota Cement Grey paint job
  • GenRight off road aluminum front bumper
  • Warn 10S winch and Factor 55 ultra hook
  • Poison Spyder Narrow steel front and rear fenders
  • GenRight rockerskins
  • KrashFab steel sliders
  • GenRight aluminum rear bumper
  • GenRight roll cage, with custom red powder coating
  • GenRight B pillar delete kit
  • GenRight rear basket
  • Rebel Off Road Rotopax Mount that deletes the spare tire carrier
  • Mopar half doors

Suspension (Krashfab) / Underneath:

  • 3 link front (passenger side)
  • Double triangulated four link in the rear
  • True flat belly aluminum skid-plate
  • Custom exhaust and cross-members
  • Fusion 4×4 axles that are a 73.5” wide, with a Kingpin 60 front, 35 spline, ARB 5.38 gears (with Krashfab mini truss and brackets)
  • Rear axle is Fusion 4×4 big tube shave 14 bolt rear (4” diameter tubing) 40 spline, ARB 5.38’s (with Krashfab mini truss and brackets)
  • 14” ORI’s front and Rear with Krashfab custom towers
  • Fusion 4×4 2.5 Ton aluminum steering links
  • 19 gallon fuel cell made by Motobilt and a JAZ filler kit


  • NRG Quick disconnect steering wheel and hub
  • Scorche Magic Mounts for cell phones that attached to the roll cage
  • Axia Alloys rear view mirror
  • Custom PRP seats and harnesses
  • Lock box
  • SPod HD
  • Jeep Uniq Mount that holds 2 Rugged handheld radios
  • WeatherTech floor mats
  • Rear seat delete – 15lb Powertank and a 35 cfx Dometic refrigerator in the place of a rear seat
  • ARB single compressor tucked away in the cubbyhole
  • Sounds system and cameras are all by Stinger Audio and Phoenix gold (note: also have 4 cameras that allow me to see all around me when needed)

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