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Nissan electric van camper concept

Nissan has introduced an interesting all-electric van in Europe, called the e-NV200 Evalia (why not just Evalia I have no idea). In its standard form (below) it looks good, and promises a range of “up to” a middling 187 miles. Now the company has released images of a pop-top camper concept, shown adventuring in snowy conditions somewhere. Consider that for a moment. An all-electric vehicle obviously uses a lot of energy to heat the interior in frigid weather, which means that “up to” maximum range is going to be butchered. In fact one of the publicity shots shows a couple who look for all the world as though they’ve just awakened from an frigid night to find their vehicle stone-cold dead and immobile, and are dully trying to heat some water for coffee to stave off hypothermia while waiting for the concept vehicle’s roof-mounted solar panel to recharge the battery bank enough to drive home on—a process that shouldn’t take more than a week if they don’t turn on a single LED accent lamp in the interim. However, in the next photo they look much, much happier—I suspect because in the meantime they’ve pulled out the front seats and burned them to warm up and/or signal for help. Ah, well, I guess that didn’t work. Here they are preparing to attempt to ski back to civilization. No word on when or if the Evalia will be released in the U.S.—or whether the couple survived.

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How to Build an Overland Vehicle

How do you build an overland vehicle? What are the best modifications? Overlanding involves driving long distances in your off-road build, usually driving on remote roads to remote places, far away from the conveniences of civilization, so an overland vehicle has different requirements from an everyday driver. Here are some recommended mods for your rig to turn it into the ultimate off-road vehicle.More

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Camper Conversion from a School Bus? Camper Conversion Build / Rig

Intended to carry up to 35 students to school over the world’s toughest roads; imagine the camper conversion you could build in this thing.From the company’s CEO:“The PRAETORIAN SCHOOL BUS by TORSUS can carry up to 35 children on any of the world’s toughest school run routes, whether on- or off-road. Special features include bespoke original seats styled around mathematics and science designs. The seats are covered with a polymer protective coating, made to rigorous TORSUS standards, equipped with a seat belt suitable for all ages while optional extras for the seats include a foldable armrest and hip support bar on the aisle side.The TORSUS PRAETORIAN is built for world’s toughest jobs and to transport personnel and equipment across inhospitable terrain in any conditions. The PRAETORIAN is based on an upgraded heavy-duty MAN chassis and is powered by MAN engines and drivetrain. The SCHOOL BUS edition of the vehicle features uprated off-road Michelin tyres and coating on body parts meaning that PRAETORIAN is engineered to take on any terrain, on any terrain, anywhere in the world.”Powered by a 6.9-liter diesel engine, with four-wheel drive, front and rear locking differentials, and—wait for it—Michelin XZL tires, the Praetorian boasts some impressive specs. I can’t biggify this chart, but that’s a 900mm fording depth, a 33º side-slope capability, and a 65% grade capability. Of course you don’t have to go with the Zonker yellow bus version; there’s also the more menacing-looking MP: Torsus is here.

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Steel Or Aluminum Skid Plates – Which Should You Choose

Let’s talk about steel versus aluminum skid plates! We have run steel Shrockworks Nissan Xterra skid plates for over 10 years. We have run aluminum Pelfreybilt Toyota Tacoma skid plates for years. As we have wheeled our 2017 Overland Toyota Tacoma Off Road on more difficult 4×4 trails, we have found the limits of the aluminum skid plates. [Full Post]

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Unique Mercedes Unimog Off Road Build / Rig

A Mercedes Unimog, and a few friends tackle the extreme class 4 off road trails in Vermont. A rocky uphill stream bed tests the articulation, & clearance of the mighty Unimog 416 Doka. This weekend of trail running took place at the Vermont Overland.ABOUT THE EVENT:VERMONT OVERLAND BIRDWATCHING SAFARI is the epitome of the exploration aspect of Vermont Overland. Participants in VOBS use their well-appointed vehicles to venture out into the Vermont backcountry to view their favorite indigenous bird species. Along the way, they'll make stops at local pottery shops, country stores, nano-breweries and historic sites. Many love to find remote cemeteries and imagine how Vermont looked when horse and buggy meandered the ancient roads. Some just come to take in the amazing fall foliage and enjoy the localvore food trucks back at camp. Whatever the reason, VOBS has become a cult overlanding bucket list gathering and we like that just fine.GET OUT THERE! This is what sets VOBS apart from other overlanding events: you can actually get out and do some real off-road overlanding exploration. We’ll teach you how to navigate Vermont’s prolific unmaintained ancient road networks on your own to find the best bird watching areas. You’ll be able to test your skills and equipment over a wide variety of overlanding terrain. When you get back to the venue in the afternoon, grab a beverage and come over to the vendor area and just hang out, meet all sorts of fun-loving, interesting, like-minded people and thoroughly enjoy yourself.

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Toyota 4Runner Rig Walk Around – A Family Overland Build

Nick and Mike from the Rogue Overland Crew take you through a rig walk around of Mike’s expedition ready 2000 Toyota 4Runner. This 3rd gen 4Runner is a Toyota TRD Pro killer! This purpose built rig is capable of adventure travel down any road desired, wether that be an overland route down White Rim Trail in Moab, Utah or rock [Full Post]

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Overland Nissan Xterra Rock Crawling Rig Walk Around

Nick from the Rogue Overland team takes you through a walk around and build out of his 2001 solid axle swapped Nissan Xterra. This is a purpose built rock crawler capable of overland travel down any road desired. Make sure to follow us on social media @RogueOverland [Full Post]

[Full Post]
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The Land Cruiser High Top Build / Rig Project Update

Due to the recent amount of inquiries about how this project is coming along, we feel we should probably bring you all up to speed. Firstly, we want to thank all of you that have followed us during this project. We had no idea that our crazy idea would have so much interest. Truthfully, it was more of a crazy, off the wall “what if” kind of project. We had no real way of knowing if it would really work out and it was kind of a toss in the dark, hoping that we could some how squeeze a lot more usable space out of an already jam packed Land Cruiser.  The update: In short, the project has met its demise. As you all have probably experienced with your own builds and projects, enthusiasm was high at the beginning and slowly diminished as we went along. Days turned to weeks. Weeks turned to months and so on. We were still pretty excited about the prospects of the project, but we were beginning to question whether it was going to be enough room and if we were just placing a temporary fix on an outstanding issue at the cost of mutilating our beloved Cruiser. Several family discussions over this very issue were had. Some were pretty low key and others were... Let’s say others were a little more tense. Eventually we came to a decision and as a family, made the choice to stop the project. We needed more space than what the Cruiser could offer and we were not going to destroy her on a chance. So the search began for a new adventure vehicle. We looked at vans, suburbans, excursion and even an ambulance. We eventually came across an 80 series that had already been chopped into a Ute, that a friend of ours had. As luck would have it, we even came across a Flippac at the exact same time. After another family discussion and a lot of messages back and forth with our friend, we decided that we were going to go take a look at the Ute and spare our 80 the plastic surgery. It was all set, we were going to leave in the morning and drive to Tennessee to take a good look at the Ute. But life had another plan for us instead. As luck would have it, the planets aligned and presented something that I had been lusting for, for quite some time. Let me just start by saying that Facebook Marketplace is an evil, yet wonderful thing. You all know what I mean. As I said earlier, I have lusted after a particular vehicle for sometime now. But finding one at a price I was willing to pay was a major hurdle. But wouldn’t you know it, the day before we’re about to take a 10hr trip to look at a vehicle, Marketplace provides the impossible. I’m not going to bore you all with the particulars, but when a two owner (by brothers) 2007 Dodge Power Wagon pops up in immaculate condition at the right price, you better be damn sure to at least look at it. We did and the rest is history.  So what about the Cruiser? Well, that was another topic of multiple family discussions. The short answer is, that she will get her rear interior reinstalled and will get a much needed deep cleaning. Then, we plan to put her up for sale. For sale! I know, shocking! None of us really want to get rid of her, there’s too many memories. But those memories were made in her, not by her and we would be remiss to let her just rot away in the driveway. Especially, when she could bring that same level of joy to some other family. So if you’re a family looking for an adventure vehicle that we’re sure will bring you as much joy as it has brought us, then be on the lookout for the sale posting. Again, we want to thank all of you for taking the time to follow along with this project and our adventures. Sometimes life doesn’t work out how we plan, but that’s just part of the adventure. Stay tuned to see where we go from here. And remember, Family First, Adventure Always!

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