Honestly, the best car for camping will be one you already have. Give it a couple of tries before you get a vehicle completely kitted out and dedicated to camping adventures. Unless you own something really small like a Peugeot 107, then we recommend buying or renting out a roof tent (your car needs to have railings).

Make a test setup at home by folding down your seats, putting a mattress, pillow and a sleeping bag to get a better understanding of how it’ll feel when you’re staying away from home.

Even a very modest car can be a great choice for camping, so don’t hesitate and just give it a go! It will most likely be better than you expected it to be.

If it’s a diesel and you plan to camp in the winter months, you can mount a diesel heater inside and enjoy the cosy nights just like at home! It’s definitely a good idea to pick a diesel over petrol engines, especially for longevity and fuel efficiency. And the warm nights, of course.

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