Overland Expo East 2021

Just a couple of photos that we took at @overlandexpo East 2021. Admittedly we didn’t seize the opportunity to take a lot of photos this year. We were consumed by amazing conversations and being able to meet everyone in person. We’ll never complain about that because all of you are amazing! So many great stories and travel tips. Believe me, our list of places to visit and things to do grew exponentially this year and we’re as excited as ever to get out there and see it all. As usual, the event seemed to fly by and we weren’t able to sit in on any of the classes or round tables that we would’ve liked to. I guess there’s always next year. (We’ve been saying that for four years now.) Seriously though, you all rock and we much prefer the one on one conversations around the campfires/meals with you all anyway!

The Wildest Motorcycle Event You’ve Never Heard Of

A team consists of a rider and pillion, with the latter equipped with a ten-foot wooden lance, vaguely reminiscent of medieval weaponry used for jousting.The rider must advance down the street, satisfying a target speed and trying to remain steady while their teammate attempts to place the end of their lance through a steel hoop, dangling from a rope overhead.Ride too fast, and your teammate will have trouble being accurate with the lance, ride too slowly and you’ll be penalised by the judges, who watch on from their very own outpost beside the DJ’s – adding an ecstatic commentary between sips of beer. From what I can tell, this traditional game is known as ‘moto alku’ meaning ‘moto ring’, and has roots spanning more than half a century.  


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