KC FLEX Era Light Bar: Review, Unboxing & Installation

The KC FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar is designed to push the boundaries of what a light bar can be. Built as the successor to our original FLEX Array light bars, this bar defies new limits of engineering while building on the strengths of our previous platform. With high-output performance and a flexible design, the FE Bar is like nothing you’ve seen before.

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The KC Lights’ Flex Era (FE) LED Light Bar redefines trail-ready adaptability with its innovative design. Whether it’s an overland build demanding precise illumination for long journeys or a desert-destroying prerunner requiring agile and powerful lighting, the FE Bar effortlessly conforms to the diverse requirements of off-road enthusiasts.

This off-road LED Light Bar stands out as an ideal choice for several reasons, making it a preferred option for off-road enthusiasts seeking a versatile and high-performance lighting solution.

The Flex Era (FE) LED Light Bar has raise the bar as it sets a new standard in off-road lighting, leading the way on any type of road your adventure takes you. Let’s explore how this cutting-edge light bar stands out and enhances the off-road experience:

Adaptable Design:

The standout feature of the Flex Era Bar is its adaptable design. The modular design of the Flex Era LED Light Bar introduces a high level of versatility to accommodate specific lighting needs in various environments. With the ability to link up to five 10-inch segments together, the Flex Era ensures adaptability across different off-road scenarios. Straight and curved configurations is particularly valuable when fitting the light bar onto different vehicle models or when seeking specific lighting angles for optimal visibility.

Customizable Lighting Angles:

The Flex Era Bar allows for the adjustment of lighting angles, providing users with the ability to fine-tune the illumination to suit different terrains and driving conditions. This customization ensures optimal visibility for diverse off-road adventures. The Flex Era Bar’s modular design allows users to create versatile configurations, adapting to the specific requirements of different vehicles. Whether it’s a straight bar for a classic look or a curved design to match the contours of a particular vehicle, the FE Bar excels in accommodating diverse setups.

Versatility Across Terrains:

Whether navigating rocky trails, conquering sand dunes, or exploring remote landscapes, the Flex Era seamlessly adapts to diverse off-road environments. Its versatility makes it a go-to choice for off-road enthusiasts engaging in a wide range of activities.

Powerful Illumination for Night Adventures:

The powerful illumination provided by the Flex Era Bar enhances visibility during nighttime off-road adventures. Its ability to illuminate the path ahead allows users to confidently explore and enjoy their off-road experiences, even in low-light conditions. What sets the Flex Era apart is not just its high lumen output but also its ability to evenly distribute light. The advanced technology used in this light bar ensures that the illumination is spread consistently across the trail. This even distribution minimizes dark spots and hotspots, optimizing visibility for the entire path.

Best of Both:

Tailored to Overland Builds

The flexibility of the Flex Era Bar caters to the specific needs of overland travel. Overland expeditions often involve long journeys through diverse terrains, and the FE Bar’s adjustability allows users to tailor the lighting setup for optimal coverage over extended distances. Overland journeys can present varying lighting conditions, from open highways to off-road trails. The FE Bar’s ability to cover extended distances with precision contributes to consistent lighting performance, enhancing visibility and safety throughout the entire overland expedition.


Desert prerunners demand agility to navigate through challenging terrains characterized by uneven surfaces, sand dunes, and rocky landscapes. The Flex Era Bar’s design allows for dynamic maneuvers, ensuring that prerunners can swiftly adapt to changing conditions.The adaptability of the FE Bar enables customization of lighting angles, catering to the specific requirements of desert prerunners. This customization allows prerunner enthusiasts to achieve the ideal combination of spot and flood lighting for optimal visibility in diverse desert terrains.

Conforms to Diverse Off-Road Needs:

The versatility of the KC HiLites Flex Era (FE) LED Light Bar extends beyond specific off-road scenarios, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of off-road needs. Whether navigating through rocky trails, conquering sand dunes, or exploring remote landscapes, the Flex Era seamlessly conforms to diverse off-road environments, providing consistent and reliable illumination.

Durability and Reliable Performance in Harsh Conditions:

The Flex Era Bar maintains consistent lighting performance across varied terrains and driving conditions. This reliability is essential for off-road enthusiasts who depend on their lighting setup for safety and navigation during adventurous journeys.

Built to withstand the rigors of off-road environments, the Flex Era Bar is designed to be durable in the face of challenges such as heat, dust, vibrations, and varying weather conditions. This durability ensures longevity and consistent performance.

Easy Integration with Various Vehicles:

The Flex Era Bar is designed for easy integration with a variety of off-road vehicles, including Jeeps, trucks, ATVs, and UTVs. This compatibility enhances its appeal, providing off-road enthusiasts with a versatile lighting solution that can be used across different vehicle types.

Sleek and Aesthetic Design:

Beyond performance, the Flex Era Bar features a sleek and aesthetic design that complements the overall look of off-road vehicles. Its visually appealing design adds a touch of style to the vehicle while maintaining functionality.

Enhanced Visibility and Safety:

Regardless of the configuration chosen, the Flex Era Bar prioritizes enhanced visibility and safety. Its adaptable design ensures that the light emitted covers the intended area effectively, providing off-road enthusiasts with a clear view of the terrain.

Straightforward Installation Process:

Despite its advanced features, the Flex Era Bar maintains an easy and straightforward installation process. This user-friendly aspect ensures that off-road enthusiasts can quickly and efficiently set up the light bar for their adventures. Users can connect the segments with ease, and the adaptable design simplifies the mounting process on various parts of the vehicle.

Every FE Bar from 10″ to 50″ comes standard as a Master Kit with absolutely everything you need to get up and running quickly so you can spend less time in the garage and more time out on the trails. Each kit comes with Combo Beam Lenses, Spot Beam Lenses, Light Covers – Black with Yellow KC Logo, End Mounts, Linker Kits, and Hardware, Assembly Tool Kit and Setup Guide and a Complete Wiring Kit with LED Switch.

The KC HiLites Flex Era LED Light Bar represents a new standard in adaptability, offering off-road enthusiasts a lighting solution that can be precisely tailored to their individual needs. Whether venturing on overland expeditions or tackling the challenging terrain of the desert, the Flex Era Bar’s versatility stands out, seamlessly conforming to the dynamic demands of the off-road experience.

The Ruler of Midnight Trails

Designed to Shatter Expectations

FLEX Era Bar Benefits


Take everything you think you know about night rides and throw it in the trash. The FLEX ERA LED Light Bar sets new standard in beam quality and clarity, allowing you to ride At The Speed of Light.

FLEX Era Bar Benefits


The FLEX ERA Bar thrives in the unexpected and is built for the most demanding situations. You can count on it to prevail, backed by our Adventure Further Guarantee.

FLEX Era Bar Benefits


Trail-ready adaptability. The FE Bar’s 10″ segments link seamlessly to build a straight or curved bar. From overland builds to desert-destroying prerunners, the FE Bar conforms to your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I install a KC Light Bar on my vehicle?

While installation processes vary depending on the specific model and vehicle, most KC Light Bars have a detailed instruction manual. For the best results and safety, consider professional installation.

2. How long does a KC Light Bar typically last?

A KC Light Bar can last several years with proper care and maintenance. Their LEDs have a lifespan of tens of thousands of hours, ensuring longevity.

3. Are LED light bars legal on the road?

Generally, no. LED light bars are intended for off-road use in conjunction with a vehicle’s standard headlights. Not only can running a light bar on the road be inconsiderate to other drivers, but it can also provide law enforcement with a reason to pull you over, thanks to its lighthouse-like brightness.

4. Is an LED light bar worth the investment?

An LED light bar can enhance your vehicle’s lighting in low-light conditions, improving safety and boosting efficiency. An LED light bar is a valuable investment for its ability to improve visibility in challenging lighting environments.

5. Do you have other covers for the Pro6? How can I get a different color cover?

Our available covers at this time are our Black with Yellow KC covers and our Pro6 Light Shield covers. However, our covers are easily customizable.

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The FLEX Era Light Bar is available for purchase on KC’s official webstore and on Nomadist.


Baja Designs’ ONX6 Light Bar is available for purchase on their Amazon store.


The FLEX Era Light Bar is available for purchase on Nomadist and on KC’s official webstore.