Hitting the road with a remote camping destination in mind is a wonderful feeling. You get to explore the world with fewer limits than ever and create your own itinerary. A roof top camper is a perfect way to sleep comfortably while you’re out on your overland adventures, and with a few accessories they can make for a truly fantastic experience. Here are some of the best supplies to take with you.

Enhance Your Roof Top Camper With the Right Supplies

Every camping trip calls for sleeping bags, gear and items for activities. You can store some of this in your truck or car, but your camper can also help you accommodate everything you need.


One of the best things to add to your roof top camper is an annex if one is available. Many models come with the option to extend the tent, adding more living space. You can use this space in a lot of ways. It can be an area to store gear during the day to keep it out of the weather or a changing space if you need to switch your clothes during the day.

When you have a large party, use the annex for extra sleeping space. This area can help you accommodate way more people than the tent alone. You could also create a play or sleeping space for kids or pets if you want a little privacy in the main bed.


To further expand your living and activity spaces, add an awning to your camper. When you need some shade or rain protection, this adds a covered area for you to enjoy without needing a whole other tent structure.

Check out the different options for your tent. Some awnings will attach to your car, while others attach to the roof top camper itself. They are made out of durable materials so they’ll last just as long as your tent.

Weather Cover

Many campers are weather resistant, but they still may need an extra cover for complete protection. This is especially important in climates where the weather can get rough. A summer storm will make you glad to have an extra rainproof layer on your tent, especially if it is a more breathable model with mesh windows.

The cover can also help regulate the temperature inside your camper. This will keep you cozier at night, since extreme temperature drops aren’t uncommon in many remote locations.

Mattress Pads

The standard mattresses inside your roof top camper may be pretty comfortable compared with camping on the ground, but there is always room for improvement. Find a fitted mat that will work with your mattress size to increase the thickness and plushness of the sleeping surface. This will help even picky sleepers get a good night’s rest and be ready for all the adventuring throughout the day.

When you look for a mattress pad, make sure it doesn’t add too much bulk, or you may have to store it in the car. Most campers are meant to pack up in very specific ways, and you don’t want anything to get in the way of your unit closing properly.


To further increase your comfort inside your camper, you may want to add illumination. Some campers come with LED light strips built in, which is a nice bonus. However, if you want more light or a light for each side of the tent, you will probably want to buy some add-ons.

The time in your roof top camper is a great moment to read a book or check out maps and plan out your hikes and activities for the next day. Illuminate your space and you can stay up as long as you want.


For extra comfort in your tent, find a fan that will work in the space. There is no climate control in the great outdoors, and though your roof top tent takes some of the pain out of roughing it, you still may find it hard to stay cool in the spring and summer in warmer regions. A fan can go a long way toward helping you feel good in your home away from home.

Crossbar Kit

If they are compatible with your tent model, look into getting extra crossbars to go on top of your tent when it is in travel mode. Installing a roof top camper means losing the rack space on your truck and reduces how much extra gear you can carry. You can regain some of that capacity by adding these bars so you can load more onto your rig.

If you do this, be mindful of how high your vehicle will be with all these items on top. You may need to take note of clearance levels for bridges, tree-lined paths and other tricky spaces.


You may not have thought of it, but locking your tent could be a good idea. In popular camping spots, you could be camping alongside other overland enthusiasts. While the community is usually pretty nice, it’s good to take a bit of caution to protect your space and investment.

Locking systems will keep your roof top tent attached to your roof. They make it a lot harder for someone to get away with your very expensive camping unit. This is also a good idea for anyone who stores their camping rig outside when back at home. Keeping everything secure can ensure that your tent is ready for you to use when you need it.

Make Your Roof Top Camper the Best It Can Be

With a great setup and accessories, you can have the best of both worlds when it comes to adventuring in remote places while staying comfortable and safe. Starting with a great camper that lifts you off the ground, you can outfit your roof top camper with many of the amenities of home. Take a look at the helpful information from Nomadist so you can find even more ways to have a great time in the great outdoors.