Welcome to our 2nd “I Didn’t Know I Wanted That” post, where we cover awesome adventure, outdoors & automotive gear in one constant stream of recommendations. Today we’re showing off a shelter / tent system that’ll make you feel you’re camping on Mars. Matt Damon not included.

Shiftpod III Overview

If you’re looking for a technologically advanced tent system that’ll help you stand out from the crowd, the Shiftpod III comes in handy with a lot of cool features and a very SciFi looking design. Of course, this tent is very unlikely to blend in with any environment, so don’t count on it for a post-apocalyptical survival kit. You’re more likely to attract raiders than anything else!

Jokes aside, a lot of work has been put into choosing the right combination of materials to give you a sturdy shelter that’s nearly impervious to bad weather.

Key Features:

  • Hexagon patterned patented multi-layer fabric system w/ dark out layer
  • Integrated carbon fiber frame for easy set up / strike
  • A/C ports (6″)¬†and convection vents
  • Power cord ports with cinch cord closure
  • S3 – Seam TechnologyTM to improve weather resistance
  • Hydrophobic thread to seal up sewing holes
  • Nano Zinc Dioxide mildew protection

Shiftpod III Unboxing & Reviews

All in all, the Shiftpod III (various sizes and configurations available) is a solid tent system that you can use both in the snow and in the desert, due to its excellent thermal insulation properties. Yes, it’s quite famous at the Burning Man festival as well. We’ve narrowed down the most relevant unboxing and review videos that should help you decide if this is the right fit for your needs:

Shiftpod III Media Gallery

Where Can I Buy The Shiftpod III Tent / Shelter?

The Shiftpod III (multiple variants available) can be purchased mainly from the manufacturer’s website. Due to longer lead times, we recommend going exclusively through the official website.

Amazon Store
Official Store

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