Welcome to our 4th “I Didn’t Know I Wanted That” post, where we cover awesome adventure, outdoors & automotive gear in one constant stream of recommendations. Today we’re looking at one of the most interesting light bars to have launched in the last decade, the modular Gravity Pro6. Although it might seem eye-wateringly expensive, when you look at the alternatives, you might start thinking it’s quite a great deal all things considered.

Gravity Pro6 Overview

So, what makes the Gravity Pro6 Light Bar the uncontested leader of off road LED light bars? From the ingenious modular design to solid lighting technology integrated into it and the premium materials / finish used, the Pro6 doesn’t cut any corners to deliver you a premium lightning experience – anytime, anywhere, in any weather.

Key Features:

  • Pro6 LED light bars feature a patented Infinity Ring™ system utilizing individual rings to securely link individual 6″ Pro6 LED lights together to form a rigid, powerful LED light light bar system.
  • Each Gravity® LED Pro6 light is powered by KC’s G6 LED optical insert, featuring patented Gravity® Reflective Diode (GRD) technology.
  • The Driving Beam optical inserts provide powerful forward distance and equal beam distribution width, while the Wide-40 optical inserts offer a wider area of coverage increasing side to side peripheral visibility.
  • The LED light source and linking rings allow you to customize the beam pattern, light bar width and set a straight or radius between each pivot point.

For in-depth specs, we recommend checking out the manufacturer’s website.

Gravity Pro6 Configurations

Gravity Pro6 Unboxing & Reviews

So, should you pay over $2,000 for a premium light bar? We’re not saying you should or shouldn’t, but you definitely should check out Donut Media’s in-depth comparison of light bars, explaining WHY something like the Gravity Pro6 is worth the cost. Extra, we’ve linked some trustworthy reviews and unboxings for the Gravity Pro6 to help you decide if it’s a good fit for you:

Gravity Pro6 Media Gallery

Where Can I Buy The Gravity Pro6 LED Light Bar?

While you may find a couple variants of the Gravity Pro6 around Amazon, most kits are sold exclusively on the manufacturer’s site and its partners. We generally recommend ordering through the manufacturer’s site.

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