Roof Rack Platform on Jeep

Off-roaders and Overlanders need a great roof rack to carry their gear. When it comes to dirty off-road equipment such as traction boards and hi-lift jacks, or useful attachments such as roof rack awnings or roof top tents, roof racks are essential.

Check out the below list of the best roof racks for off-roaders:

Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform

The Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform is a reliable and versatile option for an off-road roof rack. It is a flat platform that you attach to your vehicle which can carry your gear and hold various types of roof rack accessories. The flat design is great for off-roaders to carry recovery gear and other essential items.

One of the most versatile roof racks, the large surface area provides plenty of room to carry gear from bags, hard boxes, to a spare tire. The roof rack has attachable channels along the entire platform which allow you to securely attach roof rack accessories. This roof rack system is also extremely durable. It is powder coated and non-corrosive.

ROLA Rooftop Cargo Basket

For a cheaper option, I highly recommend the ROLA Cargo Basket. This is a very durable option for the price. Although it cannot accommodate as many attachments as the Pioneer Platform, mentioned above, it can hold a lot of gear. Simply load in your gear, securely strap it down and you are good to go. You can trust that you are getting your moneys worth with this roof rack.

Yakima Whispbar

Yakima is a great roof rack company that is known for their reliable and quality gear. The Yakima Whispbar is a great roof rack crossbar if you are looking for a simple easy to use option. This roof rack is strong, durable, and aerodynamic, which for any roof rack system is a huge plus. All you need is Yakima Towers to attach these to your roof rack and then it is easy to attach and remove.

CargoLoc Cross Bar Set

For an even cheaper, but still quality roof rack system check out the CargoLoc Cross Bar Set. These extended cross bars provide plenty of room to carry your gear. This roof rack is sturdy and super easy to install. It is cheaper than the 3 roof racks mentioned above, but is still a quality, well-constructed roof rack.

For a list of the best roof rack attachments, check out our article Best Roof Rack Accessories.

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