Let’s talk about steel versus aluminum skid plates! We have run steel Shrockworks Nissan Xterra skid plates for over 10 years. We have run aluminum Pelfreybilt Toyota Tacoma skid plates for years. As we have wheeled our 2017 Overland Toyota Tacoma Off Road on more difficult 4×4 trails, we have found the limits of the aluminum skid plates.

Our years of experience rock crawling and our experience with the off road Tacoma build prompted us to make this video listing some points you should consider when deciding between steel and aluminum off road skid plates.

Here is a summary of steel vs aluminum skid plates:

  1. Aluminum skid plates are lighter

  2. Steel rusts and aluminum skid plates corrode

  3. Steel doesn’t deform as easily as aluminum skid plates

  4. Steel slides on rocks better than aluminum skid plates

  5. Aluminum is more expensive than steel skid plates

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Watch the video here:

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