In a nutshell, roof top tents are compact tents that are mounted on top of your vehicle with the help of a roof rack or cross bars and they work by functioning as compact packages than can be unfolded, raised, pitched through a bit of handy work or a mechanism in some cases, in order to offer you an insulated living space atop your vehicle when you’re camping.

Roof top tents have become extremely popular, as they offer multiple benefits, such as extra comfort in all weather conditions, freedom to camp almost anywhere, affordability compared to RVs & campers, increased safety / security and the opportunity for amazing sightseeing by being an awesome vantage point atop your vehicle.

If that’s a bit vague or superficial, then let’s go over all the details on how roof top tents work (including what they are and the various types of RTTs you can buy), from how they’re supported / mounted on your vehicle, how they’re pitched (or opened, unfolded, unpacked, depending on what terminology you prefer), how avid campers use them and then move on to some useful tips to consider when buying a roof top tent.

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