6″ Pro6 Gravity® LED – Light Shield – Clear

6″ Pro6 Gravity® LED – Light Shield – Clear


KC 5118 Gravity® LED Pro6 Clear Light Shield provides added protection against road and trail debris.

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-Durable Polycarbonate Light Cover for KC Gravity® LED Pro6 Lights (bars or singles) -Extra Protection for Extreme Conditions -Clear for Maintaining Maximum Output
-Easy Install – Securely Clips onto Pro6 LED lights
-Each Light Shield Sold IndividuallyKC GRAVITY® LED PRO6 CLEAR SHIELD FOR ADDED PROTECTION AND VISIBILITYKC’s Gravity® LED Pro6 lights and light bars are one of the most capable LED lights available today. Protect your investment with our Clear Pro6 Shields, which maintain maximum performance and increase the durability of your lights.FITMENTAll Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pro6 Bars and Single Lights

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