Adamson A11 Portable Small Space Electric Heater with Fan – 750W / 1500W


  • Brand – Adamson
  • Special Feature – Portable, Energy Efficient, Overheat Protection
  • Color – Black
  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage Indoor
  • Product Dimensions – 7.67″D x 7.87″W x 11.61″H
  • POWERFUL YET COMPACT: For your best comfort and convenience, the Adamson A11 electric space heater packs 1500 watts of power into a small package, enough to heat a 200 sq foot room in just under 20 minutes.
  •  SMALL and EASY TO CARRY: Central heating is off? No problem! Whether you want to use it in the office or maybe to warm up the garage while you work on your projects, Adamson A11’s small form factor comes to your advantage. Thanks to its compact yet powerful design, you can easily take it with you wherever you go.
  •  FAN POWERED with high and low settings means that you can control how warm you want your space to get and how quickly you want to get there. Additionally, the thermostat dial (left) allows you to be more precise with your temperature selection.
  • COLD FEET? Don’t worry, not only will the Adamson A11 space heater keep your room (and your feet) warm, it’s also backed by our 5-year no-frills replacement warranty. It’s a risk-free solution to the cold winter days.
  • CERTIFIED SAFE means that you can have the peace of mind that the Adamson A11 space heater was tested and approved as safe for indoor use. Equipped with overheating protection and trip-over protection and made from fire-resistant materials (please be mindful and read the safety instructions).

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Product Description

Adamson heater

Adamson heater

We’re a customer-centric company, so everything we do is about making you happy. At Adamson, we are focused on bringing you high-quality appliances with outstanding durability. As such, you will enjoy them for many years to come with complete peace of mind. Our designs are based on how customers use the products, so we always keep your feedback in mind to continue improving.

Adamson heater

Adamson heater

Adamson heater

Adamson heater


This company electric space heater is ideal for your home, office, or home office. Its compact size makes it easy to move around as well.


Just set the dials to your desired settings and the adjustable thermostat will automatically measure the room temperature and adjust the heating to your set level, so you can relax in warm comfort.


You don’t take shortcuts when it comes to safety, and neither do we. The Adamson A11 PTC space heater is equipped with trip-over protection, so it will automatically turn off if it’s accidentally tilted or tripped. Plus it’s also equipped with an overheating protection, just in case it was left on for too long, the device will automatically switch off.

Adamson heater
Adamson Heater banner

Additional information

Product Type

Small Space Electric Heater



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