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American Trends Lightweight Double Sided Cold Effect Cooling Blanket


  • Material – Polyester
  • Color – Grey
  • Brand – American Trends
  • Special Feature – Lightweight
  • Style – Modern
  • Shell:100%polyester Lining:100%nylon
  • Machine Wash
  • Pure Natural Fabric Cool to Touch: Our cooling blanket is made of 100% pure natural breathable fiber, healthy, skin-friendly and odorless. Double-sided cooling technology speeds up the removal of sweat and heat from the surface of the body. Particularly, jade can quickly dissipate heat, providing a cool and comfortable feeling when wearing fabrics made of jade fiber, especially suitable during hot summer.
  • Double Sided Cooling Technology: The top is made from special mica nylon with cooling protein microfiber that can brilliantly absorb your body heat, with a Cool-sense Value(Q-max) of More Than 0.449. Our cooling summer blanket is absolutely cloying-free and clingy-free with brilliant satiny touch.
  • Multiple Uses: The American Trends Cooling Blanket measures 2 sizes: 50’’x70’’, 60’’x90’’. Perfect for indoors, outdoors, and anywhere you want a comfortable blanket to keep you cool. Moderate thickness, easy to carry. A lightweight summer Cooling blanket is the perfect way to keep you cool.It can keep cool for a longer time, rather than for an instant of coolness.
  • Easy to Clean: These blankets are fully machine-washable. Put the blanket inside a laundry net bag, to prevent entanglement and damage. These blankets are also right for spring and autumn when temperatures go from cool to warm.
  • The Perfect Summer Gift: Cooling blanket absorbs heat to keep adults, children, babies cool on hot nights. This makes a fine fathers day gifts for dad, a birthday gift, a holiday present, or an anniversary gift. Cooling Blanket is the perfect choice. With its stylish design, comfortable feel, and practical features, it’s sure to be a hit with anyone who values a good night’s sleep.

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Product Description


American Trends Cooling Blanket Double Sided Cold Effect Lightweight Blanket


If sweaty sheets and soaring temperatures are keeping you up at night, it might be time to try our cooling blanket. Lighter than a comforter, designed to give you the coolest sleep ever. Keep you cool all night long for a sweat-free slumber that will leave you feeling comfortable and refreshed


Are lightweight blankets for summer safe for everyone?

Yes, most people are perfectly safe with a lightweight blanket. This lightweight cotton blanket is easy to store and saves lots of space. Great for kids as a summer blanket.


how does it keep you cool?

Our cooling blanket is made of mica nylon interwoven with Japanese ice silk cooling fibers, which can transfer body heat while reducing body temperature by about 2 to 5 degrees, thanks to this technology, you will feel cooler than ordinary blankets.


Can I wash my cooling blankets in the washing machine?

Our summer cooling comforter is hand & machine washable. Laundry bag is highly recommended, prevent snagging and scratching.


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Double Sided Cooling Blanket


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