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Appolo Portable Solar Camping Shower Bag with Removable Hose


  • SUPERIOR DURABILITY : Made with solid PVC material that is ultra-thick and puncture-resistant, and tested against knives and scratches to ensure its durability, this shower bag can withstand even the toughest outdoor conditions, cuts, and tears, making it the ultimate companion for your long-term adventures. With a capacity of 20 liters and an 8-minute shower duration, you can enjoy a refreshing shower wherever you are, without worrying about running out of water.
  • VERSATILUE USE : Our shower bag is perfect for a variety of outdoor and indoor activities. Whether you need to rinse off after a long day of hiking or camping, wash dishes at the beach or on a boat trip, or clean your gear after a hunting or fishing trip, our bag has got you covered. It’s also great for emergency preparedness and disaster relief situations. With its durable construction and flexible design, our shower bag provides a reliable and convenient solution for all your cleaning needs
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: Comes with a sturdy handle for easy carrying and hanging, a flexible solid hose for better water flow, and a on/off switch for effortless control of water flow. this camping shower bag can also be placed on a flat surface to wash all your gear, providing you with a versatile cleaning solution for all your outdoor needs.
  • ADD-ON ACCESSORIES : Our accessories are designed to make your shower experience easier. The heavy-duty webbing lock allows for easy and secure hanging of the bag from trees or other high objects, while the silicone funnel makes filling the bag quick, easy, and mess-free, so you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor activities and less time dealing with the hassle of attaching and filling the shower bag.
  • SATISFACTION GARANTEED : We are committed to providing you with high-quality camping shower bags that are built to last. Each bag undergoes rigorous testing for durability and reliability before it is shipped to you. We stand behind the quality of our product. However, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If there are any problems with the bag, we will issue a refund within 30 days of purchase.

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From the brand

Product Description

woman showering water hot heaters shower anytime anyhwhere solar showers for camping

ducha portatil

Experience A Refreshing Shower Anytime Anywhere !

-Have a refreshing shower even in the most remote locations

-Have Constantly water wherever you are

-Provides you with the privacy you need

-Add-on Accessories to Enhance Your Portable Shower Bag

-Easy to attach to trees, branches, or other objects

-Provides a secure anchor for your shower bag

wash hands tools beach

Solid Pipe and Tap

-The solid plastic pipe allows you to slightly bend it without worrying about damaging it !

-The pipe is around 28 inches (70 centimeters) long.

-The pipe is also Removable. Remove it if you want to use it in another way or keep it and enjoy the water flow.

-The pipe is easy to carry

-the tap allows you to wash your hands, tools, clothes easily

solar friendly ON/OFF

Ultra Solid PVC

-Experience ultimate durability with our Solid PVC camping shower bag !

-Designed to resist cuts, punctures, and even extreme heat

-This rugged bag is built to last

-You can enjoy outdoor adventures without worrying about your equipment

Get ready to take on the elements with confidence.

Easy to carry use adventure hiking surfing

Our bag is made for adventure !

-Say goodbye to bulky and heavy water containers

-Very Easy to use and carry

-Made for Adventurers

-Designed with portability and convenience in mind

-Lightweight and compact design

hiking fishing champing travelling

For multiple uses

-Extremely versatile

-Our camping shower bag can be used in any environment

-For the beach, camping, hiking, travel, fishing, or boating…

gear holiday family

-Upgrade your camping gear

-Complete Your gear with this must-have accesory

-Stay clean and refreshed wherever you go with this MUST-HAVE outdoor accessory

-Usefull for Water Conservation

Additional information

Product Type

Solar Camping Shower


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