The Black Series’ rugged design is built with high-grade aluminum to provide strength while keeping weight to a minimum. The tents are supplied with stainless steel hinges and fixings to withstand harsh elements. You will be provided with one billeted lifting handle, two locking clamps, two tent rod mounts, and two sets of ladder mounts so you can have multiple access points to your tent. The gas struts have been upgraded to hold up to 150 pounds when open. The use of the tent crossbars (purchase separately) will allow you to keep your sporting goods mounted while sleeping comfortably.

The aerodynamic design of our tents improves gas mileage and reduces the overall height of your vehicle. The Solar X Panel can be mounted to the roof of our tents, which provides an endless supply of power from the sun. The crossbars attach to our tents so you can transport sporting equipment such as bikes, ski gear, or storage pods without losing important cargo areas.