The rugged and tough design of the Platinum Series ABS tent, made of acrylonitrile-butadlene-styrene (ABS) plastic, allows it to hold up in low temperatures and keep the overall tent weight to a minimum. The inside of the tent has been lined with pleated anti-condensation material and has storage space for clothes, blankets, shoes, etc. The roof also has storage space. The tent is supplied with stainless steel hinges and fixings to withstand harsh elements; it has access points on both sides and can be set up by one person if necessary. Gas struts have been upgraded to hold up the tent in extreme conditions; 4 window rods are supplied with the RTT to use for the two access points or windows. Bug screens are essential along with blocking out morning light; this tent will give a bug-free night’s sleep and might allow you to sleep in without the morning sun bothering you.