The Airtop 360° has many customizable openings, protected by an innovative, very fine, and darkening perimeter net that protects from insects and from prying eyes.


Fiberglass is a particular fabric fiber interweaved and soaked in resinous liquid substances or polyester, which is also known as glass-reinforced plastic (GFK in German). Once adequately mixed with catalyzing or accelerating additives, the above-mentioned liquid resins are manually spread with hairy roller brushes on a glassy fabric previously lay on open stamps. In this way, while solidifying, the liquid resin incorporates the glassy fibers and creates fiberglass. It is a laborious process by hand that results in high-quality production. Fiberglass is used widely in the building industry, where it is employed in roofs and other industrial and urban coverings. Fiberglass does not get warm under the sun and keeps any closed environment insulated from heat and cold. This is an indispensable feature for any roof tent. Thanks to fiberglass, Autohome’s shells guarantee excellent quality in terms of their endurance and soundproof insulation, as well as lightness and easiness to repair (avoiding this way the high costs of substitution of entire shells). This is one of the secrets that give Autohome roof tents superior quality and reliability. Fiberglass is an excellent material used in the manufacturing of boats and cars. Especially for bodywork and hulls that need rigidity and stability throughout time… The best campers are made with fiberglass and therefore easily repairable (bodies made with ABS are indeed not very diffused anymore because of their difficult reparation processes). Fiberglass is also used for windmill blades and within the aeronautical and aerospace industry thanks to its excellent qualities of lightness, robustness, and resistance to decompression.