The Grand Tour 360° offers eight bright, customizable openings. Protected by an innovative, dark perimeter net that protects from insects and from prying eyes, the tent offers a higher privacy. The top-of-the-range version with handle opening and some additional fittings compared to the standard model.

Maggiolina Grand Tour 360° offers four additional new windows along the corners of the tent to increase the visibility provided by the doors and windows along the walls. There are now eight apertures, perfect for those who want to live in close contact with nature but protected from insects and curious eyes, thanks to innovative fiberglass “black edition” mosquito nets, which make it easy to look out but hard to look in. Privacy is guaranteed.

Maggiolina 360° is a hi-tech tent with the best materials, such as AIRTEX® for the side walls. The waterproof fabric allows water vapor to pass through while protecting against the weather. Its large windows allow you to see out without being seen by others.