Hard Shell Rooftop Tents are perfect for roadside or parking-lot camping. Easy to install on your vehicle, they give you a comfortable place to sleep after a long day on the road. Our tents open and close quickly, so you can use them whenever you want to park next to a beach, river, or mountain peak.

Our Hard Shell Rooftop Tents stay mounted to your vehicle the entire time you use them. No unloading, spreading out on the ground and then fumbling around for stakes and poles and the like. Just press a button and up it pops, ready for immediate occupancy.

Our Hard Shell Rooftop Tents afford you the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors from a new vantage point. They can be used in a wide variety of different ways, including fishing, hunting, bird-watching, and watching parades pass by. The Model 5590 Bigfoot Vehicular Shelter is our most popular model, accommodating most cars and trucks. It is roomy enough for two adults and one pet.