The Bigfoot Vehicle Shelter Model 5590 is one of the finest-crafted Jeep tents available. It is priced in a range similar to other more expensive vehicle shelters, but the quality makes one wonder why anyone would pay more for more expensive brands. This tent has special features and specifications that are specifically garnished by Bigfoot Vehicle Shelters alone such as the Duck Back Hard Shell combined with state-of-the-art waterproof polyester giving users maximum water protection. Users can literally pull their Jeep over to the side of a lake, open the tent within two minutes, and be taking a peaceful nap just to wake and close it in two minutes and be on their way. Customers have commented how they like to share the space with their beloved pets like family dogs or cats.

This Jeep Rooftop Tent is not like other roof tents you may have used or even seen in the past. It is made to fit on almost any common car or truck roof rack system like Thule or Yakima. Unlike some rooftop tents, this unit is constructed to withstand almost 600 lbs. It’s very difficult to get these and keep them in stock so the winning bidders enjoy the freedom that this amazing product offers.

The All-Weather Waterproof 4×4 Easy Up Easy Down On The Go Nothing Faster is an ultra-portable poplin, 50% cotton, and high-density 7cm thickness mattress with a high-quality cushion. Mini Light inside, With alum ladder.