This amazing tent is one of the most highly-rated car and truck roof rack tents. It has a premium quality construction and features, which makes it much better than other more expensive brands. With state-of-the-art waterproof polyester giving you maximum protection against water damage in extreme conditions, you can literally pull your car or truck over to the side of a lake and open your tent within two minutes. Customers love the fact that they can share space with their beloved pets like dogs or cats by sitting by the beach watching the waves. Each tent comes with a UV-treated application so you don’t have to worry about all those long days of sun exposure as well as substantial protection from harmful UV rays.”

Our rooftop tent is not like other roof tents. It is made to fit on almost any common car or truck roof rack system, unlike some rooftop tents that are difficult to install on large vehicles, and it can hold almost 600 pounds. This updated version of our classic car & truck roof tent opens and closes in two minutes, weighs only 116 pounds, and stands only 13 inches tall when closed. Fits on most cars, small trucks, big rigs, and RVs. Sleek design hardly affects fuel economy; fits on most common roof rack systems; stores stuff inside while driving – perfect for those who love fishing poles, supplies, or even parades! All weather materials are waterproof and UV protected;  easy up easy down on the go – nothing faster!

Mattress: 50% cotton, poplin, 7cm thickness, high-density cushion. Mini light inside. With alum ladder.