Do you still have bug bites this summer?

Buzbug Bug Zapper can assist you in regaining your stylish and peaceful environment.

Buzbug Bug Zapper is meant to attract flying insects and electrocute them instantaneously using a high-voltage internal grid.

The Buzbug Bug Zapper can be used both indoors and outdoors. A great tool for any family who wants to maintain their home free of flies and other insects without having to spend time and effort on it every day.


Updated UV-LED Lamp Beads: 

Buzbug has upgraded the lamp tube for the bug zapper, using a lamp tube of 60 innovative UV-LED mosquito lamp beads. The surface of the tube might imitate the body’s temperature if the temperature is kept between 36 and 37 degrees. UV-LED lamp beads can be used to efficiently release the mosquito’s preferred wavelength. Only a mild light, which is not only safe for human health but also effective in lowering light pollution and conserving energy, is emitted by the lamp beads. It’s crucial to keep in mind that mosquitoes are drawn to ultraviolet light rather than visible light. Therefore, increasing the brightness of the mosquito lamp is not recommended.


Grid Protection of 0.3 inch: 360° all-around grid protection, wary of fingers getting harmed inside the grid, safe for children and pets.

Wide Coverage: This outdoor insect killer may cover an area of up to 2,000 square feet.

Long Lasting Bulb: The LED light has a tens of thousands-hour lifespan.


Where Should You Use the Bug Zapper?

A bug zapper is an excellent technique to keep bugs at bay in your home. They work best outside, but they can also be used indoors. The optimum location for your bug zapper is above your front door, at the entry to your home. It will assist you in controlling the pests that enter your home and preventing them from entering other rooms.

Disclaimer: Use caution when positioning your bug zapper so that it does not endanger your pets or children. It should also be located as far away from any water or gas lines as possible.


How can Bug Zapper be made to perform more efficiently?

More Effective at Night: The optimal time to use your bug zapper is between dark and dawn. This is because the bugs are most active during those hours, and running your bug zapper during those hours will yield the best results.

Switch on in an Empty Space: Mosquitoes are drawn to carbon dioxide emitted by humans and animals, so keep your fly killer away from pets and people. To target mosquitoes indoors, we recommend using the fly swatter more frequently.