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Camplux Tankless Water Heater


  • Capacity – 5 Liters
  • Power Source – Battery Powered
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH – 14.8 x 11.42 x 4.33 inches
  • Special Feature Flame Failure Protection, Dry Combustion Protection, Overheat Protection, High Water Pressure Protection, Anti-Freezing Protection, Low Water Flow ProtectionFlame
  • Failure Protection, Dry Combustion Protection, Overheat Protection, High Water Pressure Protection, Anti-Freezing Protection, and Low Water Flow Protection See more
  • Lightweight, Compact & Portable Design: The 10 pounds lightweight portable water heater’s folding handle keeps it out of the way and enables easy setup outside.
  • Flow Rate & Temperature Specification: The temperature raise is 114.8℉ (46℃) at its highest point and 46.4℉ (8℃) is at its lowest point of 1.32 GPM. Also, 1.32 gallons of hot water can be produced per minute at a flow rate of 1.32 GPM.
  • Versatile Applications: The lowest water pressure at the beginning of the water heater is 3.0 PSI. For off-grid and rural areas, this hot water generator powered by two-size D batteries is ideal. No more chilly outdoor showers anymore.
  • 6-in-1 Protection & CSA Safety Approved: This tankless water heater is CSA Approved with anti-freezing protection, over-heating protection, low water flow protection, dry combustion protection, high water pressure protection, and a flame failure device.
  • Installation Instruction & Package Content: This Camplux AY132 heater comes with a 1-year guarantee, 5 feet premium on/off shower head, 5 feet gas regulator, 1 set US-standard garden hose and 1 installation hardware pack. Setting up this propane water heater simply takes 10 minutes.
  • Important Installation Tip: To avoid gas leakage caused by improper sealing of the water heater, DO NOT TWINE TEFLON TAPE between the gas regulator and the gas inlet pipe. Read the directions before installation and check for gas leaks at all times before operating.
  • Warm Maintenance Tips: Damage caused by freezing is not covered under the Camplux warranty. It must be properly drained if the water heater is stored in a cold climate, Freeze damage can occur in the heat exchanger or water valves. To drain the device properly, please open the drain stern located at the bottom right of the water heater. You can do so by turning in a counterclockwise direction. Please disconnect all incoming and outgoing water lines to ensure proper drainage from the water heater. When not in use, fully disconnect gas, and incoming and outgoing waterlines. Store in a warm dry place.

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From the brand

Product Description

Camplux AY132- Enjoy Outdoor Shower Everywhere You Want

gas water heater

Specifications & Performance

Gas supply Liquid Propane
Ignition 2 D Batteries Powered
Batteries Voltage DC 3V
Battery run time About 6 Months
Product weight 10 lbs
Product Dimensions 14.8” x 11.42” x 4.33”
Water Flow Range(GPM) 0.53 GPM-1.32 GPM
Temp. Rise Range 18℉ (10℃)-108℉ (60℃)
Water Pressure Range 3-130 PSI
Rated heat input(BTU/Hr) 3,4000 BTU/ Hr

Can this shower be used in elevation?

As long as you have good water supply.


Can the handle be removed to mount on a flat surface?

It had to mount vertically to exhaust gases properly.


What is the interior diameter of the shower hose, and what is the thread size?

They are US standard fittings and you can even connect it to a rigid plumbing system.


What part do you need for the hose attachment for a standard garden hose?

A 3/4” female hose adapter is needed for the hose attachment to the heater. There was 2 inputs use the one for garden hose


How can I prevent leaking where the hose attaches to the heater?

Used supplied standard hose connection and standard hose rubber washer seals. The supply line is that used to connect sinks, washing machines to water supply. No leaks no problem


Important information


10 KW

Bulb Voltage

3 volts

Additional information

Product Purpose

Overland Utility & Survival

Product Type

Portable Propane Water Heater


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