Decked AT7 Core Trax Midsize Short Bed


  • COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER DECKED PRODUCTS: These 2 Core Trax 1000 tie-down tracks work with DECKED systems for midsize 6′ beds. They also work with pickup trucks made by companies like GMC, Chevy, or Nissan. Try it with our cargo van DECKED storage systems as well.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Made from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and powder coated silver, this Core Trax track set is designed to last through years of use, no matter your profession. Whether you’re storing large boxes, outdoor gear, or construction tools, you can rely on these durable tracks to last. When it comes to consistency, you can trust DECKED products to have the durability your profession demands.
  • STAINLESS STEEL LOOPS: One of our top priorities is that you can trust the product to do the job it was designed for. By including 4 stainless steel ring loops with these tracks, we make it easy to keep your cargo secure in the bed of your truck. Use a cable, hooks, straps, or other tie-down equipment to set your cargo in place. These loops are guaranteed to provide a stable anchor!
  • EASY INSTALLATION: We custom designed our DECKED storage system to be adaptable for multiple attachments, including the Core Trax system. We understand how important it is to make these accessories easy to mount, and we’ve designed this metal rail system to be just that. With only a few tools, you can customize your storage system with this installation in just a few minutes.
  • COMMITTED TO YOUR WORK: Here at DECKED, we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to make your truck storage system the best it can be. Maximizing space both inside and outside your DECKED storage system matters, and we incorporate that idea into each one of our high-tech designs. When you choose to work with DECKED, you’re choosing to work with a company that appreciates hard work.

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Product Description

Image showing heavy machinery tied down to the trax attachment for the Decked Storage System.

DECKED is a company focused around creating a functioning, durable storage solution for truck owners everywhere. Our storage systems create an efficient and safe way to store all your hardware, no matter your profession or hobby. Founded in and operating out of the United States, we are a company that cares about our customers. This is why we create high-quality products that provide effective solutions to men and women everywhere!

 Image of cable attached to bed of truck; text below reads “Pull-Out Rating of 500 lbs.”

Aluminum trax image; text: “6061-T6 Powder Coated Aluminum Trax & Stainless Steel Tie-Down Loops.”

Trax with tie-down: “Secure your storage. Use a cable, hooks, straps, or other tie-down equipment.”

Shows 2 aluminum trax strips next to each other; text reads “Installs in just a few minutes.”

Our Core Trax attachments are 56” and have a pull-out rating of 500 lbs, meaning they can securely hold down your work equipment safely. Rest easy that our product will keep all your tools and equipment safe in the bed of your truck!

Core Trax parts are constructed from 6061-T6 powder coated aluminum with loops made from stainless steel. These materials make our product incredibly durable so that you can trust it to work with you for years and years to come.

With these incredibly handy attachments, you can secure your heavy cargo to the top of your DECKED Storage System safely. Move your equipment from place to place knowing that it will be kept safe and secure!

One of the best parts of our Core Trax system is how incredibly easy it is to install. Within just a few minutes of opening the package, you’ll be able to install these trax attachments to your DECKED Storage System and have it ready to go!

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Product Purpose

Overland Recovery

Product Type

Midsize Decked System



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