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There’s nothing like camping out under the stars or snuggling up next to a girlfriend or boyfriend in a tent; especially when you have a warm, comfortable sleeping bag to keep you just the right temperature. Introducing the ECOOPRO Warm Weather Sleeping Bag made for kids, teens and adults.

our sleeping bag is ideal for temperatures 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit and up. A combination of durable nylon covering and comfort-soft TC cotton lining, you’ll enjoy a more restful night’s sleep no matter where you use our sleeping bag.

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Easy To Carry And Pack Up

Are you looking for a small and compact sleeping bag? Are you looking for a sleeping bag that can be used by both adults and children? Are you anxiety that sleeping bags are difficult to roll back in the bag? Are you worrying about how to save travel luggage space? In response to these problems, our sleeping bag can help you a lot.

Multifunctional Sleeping Bag You Even Never Found



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Office Nap

Comfortable and Soft materials provides an intimate touch which will relieve fatigue after work, short breaks can improve work efficiency.

Family Camping

This sleeping bag is suitable for kids and adults. You don’t have to spend more time to choose two different sizes of sleeping bags. What you need is more time to enjoy the happy time of your family camp.

As a Blanket in Winter

Don’t worry that this sleeping bag will be useless in winter, you can use it as a blanket, bed sheet or children’s play mat. A sleeping bag that will not be placed in the utility room you should have.

Outdoor Hiking

Portable and lightweight sleeping bag not only relieves your luggage pressure, but also brings you comfortable sleep, why not consider it?

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