EPG Heavy Duty Military Grade Stainless Steel Frame Emergency Survival Multitool


  • Color – Matte Silver
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH – 4.3 x 1.65 x 0.7 inches
  • Item Weight – 255 Grams
  • IDEAL TOOLSET – The heavy-duty, military-grade multitool features a toolset designed for emergencies, camping, outdoors, survival, the worksite, and EDC. High-end tools designed for the rigors of everyday jobs. 18 auto-locking tools are ideal for tough situations. The deep-profile 420 stainless steel knife blade, first aid scissors, sturdy pliers, and cord cutter are crucial tools for camping, survival, work, and EDC. 12 screwdriver bits make the multitool even handier.
  • HEAVY DUTY MULTITOOL – The all-purpose work-grade multitool is made for heavy-duty use. The robust, rust-resistant 420 stainless steel tools are housed in a sturdy, lightweight skeletonized frame. It’s stout without adding a lot of extra weight at 9.0 oz (255g).
  • ONE-HAND ACCESS – Four primary tools are accessible without opening the body, allowing quick access. Deploy the main blade, wood saw, wood/metal file, and first aid scissors with one hand. The opening action is smooth so the tools can be engaged quickly.
  • SELF LOCKING – All tools auto lock when in operating position for safe usage. The 4 main blades (deep-profile knife blade, wood saw, wood/metal file, and scissors) lock with a sturdy frame lock. The interior tools (cord cutter, sharpened can opener, bottle opener, sharpened awl, and multiple screwdrivers) are locked with a push-button thumb lock.
  • APPLICATIONS – Originally designed for survival, camping, and outdoor use, the ACTION Multitool is ideal for work: ranchers, supply chain, trucking, construction, and more. While it’s light weight, the skeletonized stainless steel architecture makes it a heavy-duty, working man’s dream tool.

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Product Description

ACTION Multitool - Heavy Duty Multitool
Heavy Duty Multitool
Multitool Features
  • Weight: 9.2oz (260g)
  • Open Size: 6.5in (16.5cm)
  • Folded Size: 4.3in x 1.2in x .5in (11cm x 3.5cm 1.3cm)
Multitool Features
  • 420 Stainless Steel
  • Skeletonized Frame
  • Nylon Pouch – Contains:

    • Multitool
    • Drive Extender
    • Bits (11)


  • Self-Locking Tools

Heavy Duty Outer Tools
  • Pliers – Spring Loaded and Reinforced
  • Wire Cutters – Standard and Hard Wire
  • Main Blade – Deep Profile
  • Scissors – First Aid Design
  • Wood Saw and Wood/Metal File
Internal Tools
  • Cord/Twine Cutter
  • Can Opener (Sharpened point)
  • Bottle Opener
  • Awl/Hole Punch (Sharpened edge)
  • Screwdrivers (Slotted: 3mm, 5mm, 6mm; Phillips )
  • Drive Extender and Bits (11)

The Heavy Duty Multitool for Everyone

Multitool for Camping and Outdoors

Best Multitool for Ranchers

Worker Multitool

Multitool for Survival

Outdoors Enthusiast

“I’ve cut cord, prepped firewood, pulled stakes, fixed my radio, punched holes and opened cans – it does it all.”

Favorite Tools: The main blade gets used the most

Active Rancher

“I go through a multitool or two every year. For this cost, a tool this sturdy is perfect for the ranch.”

Favorite Tools: Twine cutter for bales, pliers for wire

Resourceful Logistics Manager

“Everyone at the loading dock needs a multitool for opening boxes, cutting plastic and miscellaneous jobs.”

Favorite Tools: Box Cutter, main blade

Avid Prepper

“The sturdy quality and cost justify storing in my bug-out-bag.”

Favorite Tools: I use the main blade a ton during firewood processing – the whole thing really.

Multitool for Hunting and Fishing

Handyman Multitool

Multitool for First Responder

Multitool for Scouts

Adventurous Hunter/Fisher

“Seems this thing never leaves my belt from Springtime through Fall”

Favorite Tools: Main blade, pliers

Savvy Handyman

“This is my workhorse for the jobs when I don’t have my work tools.”

Favorite Tools: Pliers and drivers

Intuitive First Responder

“Never know what task you’re going to see on the job. Gotta have the right tools.”

Favorite Tools: I like that they all lock.

Active Scouter

“I’ve used every tool in this multitool. Our campouts and activities are all over the board. Have to get creative.”

Favorite Tool: Main blade, pliers.

Survival Multitool

ACTION Multitool

ACTION Multitool Functions

The Perfect Multitool for Emergencies, Outdoors, Survival, Work, Camping, Hiking

The rugged EMERGENCY PREP GEAR ACTION Multitool was designed for heavy duty applications. The toolset was selected with the most common applications in mind. The tall profile of the main blade and the extra thick spine adds strength for power cutting situations. Process firewood, prepare food, shape wooden camp tools and items, open boxes and much more. The sharp, hook-shaped cord cutter is designed to quickly process paracord, twine, rope, and more. While the interior of the hook is sharp, the exterior is blunted to minimize injury risks. The scissors are designed for first aid cuts including bandages, gauze, mole skin, and more. They’re sturdy and sharp. The blunted tip allows the user to slide the blade under a bandage or gauze without injuring the patient. The ACTION multitool is ideal for so many situations.

QA Process

We inspect every multitool after assembly to reduce defects. We’re usually really good at catching issues. If one slips by our QA team, please request a replacement.

Multitool Tips

  • Be sure to open the scissors until they lock before using them to engage the scissor spring.
  • While we inspect every product, we don’t cut wire to test the cutters. If you receive a multitool with cutters that don’t cut, tightening the cutter blades usually does the trick.


  • Be careful. Many of these tools are sharp and can result in injury if improperly handled.
  • Like any multitool, the tools are not intended to be used in leverage applications. Lateral leverage may result in structural failure and result in injury.
  • Ensure no one is near when operating the multitool. Heavy force is required in some applications and a bystander can be injured while in use.

Additional information

Product Type

Telescopic Ladder

Product Purpose

Overland Utility & Survival



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