Product Description

Rocklin Pop Up Privacy Tent

Product Highlights

Removable Rain Cover

Open Top


Removable Rain Cover

Put the rain cover on for water/sun protection.

Open Top

Leave the cover off for maximum sunlight and ventilation.

Open/Close Windows

Two open/close windows in the tent for a bit of a view or a cool breeze.

More Features

Guy Lines

Water Resistant Polyester

Removable Floor Tarp

Wind Resistance

8 Anchor Points

  • 4 Guy Tension Lines
  • 4 Corner Stakes

Water & UV Resistant

Stay Protected

  • Water Resistant
  • UV Resistant

Easy Clean Removable Floor Tarp

The removable floor tarp makes the tent easy to clean. Great for water drainage or dirty/sandy settings.

Complete Privacy

Complete Privacy

Double Layer Polyester Fabric

Our polyester fabric is coated on the inside with a silver film that obfuscates all light into and out of the tent providing complete privacy for the person using it.

Photo Taken on the American River in California

Tent on Beach

We’re proud to be a Family-Owned American company.