The Crow’s Nest is a two-person rooftop tent by Feldon Shelter. With no poles required for basic setup, the Crow’s Nest tent is up in less time than it takes to boil the billy. A simple pull of the ladder unfolds the ready-to-use tent all by itself. Built-in queen mattress has your sleeping bag and pillows tucked away inside ready to go, saving you valuable car space. Effortless setup for carefree adventures.

Feldon Shelter’s uniquely curved roof prevents annoying water pooling and those unsuspecting roof showers. These curves mean smoother aerodynamics so even the strongest of winds are no match. We’ve given extra attention to keep your nest cozy and dry by especially waterproofing treating our canvas, using waxed stitching, and taping all seams.

The most premium roof-top tent available is chocked full of carefully thought-out features. Ample storage is taken care of with an external shoe/gadget pocket, multi-overhead storage straps, and handy internal pockets. A retractable lightweight ladder, quick-release hand attachments, and plenty of ventilation take the pain out of camping to create effortless adventures.