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High Output, Spotlight and Floodlight Headlamp

Separate lamp and Power Pack design

At 3000 lumen max output, the Fenix HP30R v2.0 is one of the most powerful headlamps available. Equipped with a piercing 295 yard capable spotlight and a 100° wide-angle floodlight, the HP30R v2.0 is an excellent choice for outdoor exploring, camping, search & rescue, and more. The new rotary switch provides simple and intuitive controls. With the split lamp and power pack design, carry the power case on the the back of the headband, on the waist, or even in a backpack. Specifically designed for the toughest environments the HP30R v2.0 is ready for anything and everything!

Batteries are included so you can use the headlamp out of the box. Organizer is included for safe carrying and storage of spares.


  • 3000 lumen max output
  • 295 yard max throw
  • Spotlight and floodlight output
  • Fast USB-C charging
  • Separate lamp and power pack design
  • Batteries included
  • Doubles as a power source
Brightness level of the HP30R v2.0

Various Lighting Modes

Rotating switch on the HP30R v2.0

Spotlight mode

Floodlight mode

Spotlight and Floodlight mode

Rotary switch

Easily operate the HP30R v2.0 with a turn of the rotary switch, located on the side of the lamp. No more fumbling around with various buttons to press.

Spotlight Mode

Twist the knob forward to turn on spotlight mode. Continue turning to select brightness level.

Floodlight Mode

Twist the knob backward to turn on floodlight mode. Continue turning to select brightness level.

Spot + Flood Light Mode

Press the switch to access both spotlight and floodlight mode simultaneously.

Comfortable Wearing and Multi-functional Power Pack

Strong headband, comfortable wearing

Battery case strapped to the back of a work helmet

Battery case used as an external power source

Strong and flexible headband

Made of high-elastic braided fabric, reflective stripes help ensure safety if working near moving equipment or traffic

Split Design

The separate lamp and power pack design allow various carry options to best fit your needs and comfort. Wear it on the back of the headband, clip it to the waist, or even in a backpack or pocket.

Backup Power Source

Detach the power case from the headlamp to use as an external power source. Charger your digital devices while on the go with the USB output port.


LED Spotlight XHP50 White Light
LED Floodlight XP-G3 S4 Neutral White Light
Max Brightness 3000 lumen
Peak Beam Distance 295 yards
Peak Beam Intensity 15733 cd
IP Rating IP66
Dimensions 3.62″ x 2.20″ x 1.73″
Weight 15.41 oz
Turbo Spot: 2000 lumen | Spot+Flood: 3000 lumen
High Spot: 800 lumen | Flood: 1000 lumen | Spot+Flood: 1800 lumen
Mid Spot: 200 lumen | Flood: 200 lumen | Spot+Flood: 400 lumen
Low Spot: 50 lumen | Flood: 50 lumen | Spot+Flood: 100 lumen

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