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Front Runner Lockable Storage Box Strap Down


  • GUARANTEED DURABLE AT ITS FINEST: Front Runner Lockable Strap Down is made up of Black powder coated Steel Brackets perfect for every adventure to keep your cargo or storage bags safe so you don’t have anything to worry! It has a weight of 500g (17.6oz)
  • ENSURES STURDY POSITIONING: The 40mm/1.6″ wide, steel reinforced polyester strap ensures a sturdy positioning. If you are looking for enough security, this one is ultimately suitable for your belongings.
  • LOCKABLE DESIGN: For peace of mind using a padlock or Rack Accessory Lock / Small. Straps down your cargo or storage bags such as the Typhoon Bag Typhoon Bag, Transit Bag / Large Transit Bag / Large, Transit Bag / Extra Large Transit Bag / Extra Large and other hard shell cases.
  • QUICK RELEASE: Front Runner Lockable Storage Strap Down features a quick release stainless steel latch with safety catch. A minimum height of 200mm/7.9″ is required to be adequately secured.
  • INCLUSIONS & SUITABILITY: A stainless carabiner, eye nut, custom D-Rings and installation hardware. Note: Not suitable for the Wolf Pack Pro. Please use Wolf Pack Pro Rack Mounting Bracket.

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Product Description

Front Runner Roof Racks and everything you need for your excursions

Who we are

Front Runner has earned a trusted reputation for making the world’s strongest, most reliable, vehicle-based adventure gear. We are dedicated to inspiring adventure, connection and new experiences with products that have been tried and tested over millions of miles, in the most extreme conditions around the globe. This, combined with an experienced global team, gives customers the peace-of-mind to tackle any adventure.

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Roof Racks

Our range of roof racks are the core of our storage systems. They’re rugged yet lightweight, versatile and super user-friendly. They’re off-road rated and compatible with multiple vehicles, including pick-up beds, canopy tops, trailers and vehicle interiors.


We have 55+ outdoor-ready accessories with which to mount gear and toys to the top, bottom or sides of your Front Runner roof rack.

Adventure Gear

From campsite necessities such as the hugely popular Expander Chair and ultra-low-profile Front Runner Rooftop Tent to the Wolf Pack Pro stackable storage box, we offer a wide variety of products designed to make your adventures more comfortable and accessible.

Front Runner offers the perfect solution for any adventurer


Outdoor Enthusiast

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Loves the challenge of long-distance, self-sufficient travel to remote places and requires durable equipment.

Outdoor Enthusiast

Thrives on being out in nature, to sleep outside and be self-sufficient on adventures.

Weekend Warrior

The corporate run-away who heads into the wilderness every weekend to escape the pressures of the work week and everyday life.


Passionate about actively enjoying the great outdoors through sport. From mountain bikers and trail runners to snowboarders, surfers, kayakers, climbers and beyond.

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Additional information

Product Purpose

Overland Storage

Product Type

Lockable Storage Strap Down


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