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Guohaoi Ultra Cold Breathable Cooling Blanket


  • Material – Nylon
  • Color Grey
  • Brand Guohaoi
  • Special Feature Breathable
  • Style Modern
  • Long-Lasting Cooling Feel: With a Cool-sense Value(Q-max) of More Than 0.5, this revolutionary Arc-chill cooling fiber has an incredible long-lasting cooling feel. The Arc-chill cooling fiber fabric can not only quickly absorb the body heat but keeping a long-last cooling feel.A cool bed blanket can be a great help for night sweats and hot sleepers — it’ll keep you cool and dry all night.
  • Special Weaving Method: Due to the Guohaoi factory adopting a high-strength special weaving method,our cooling fiber can reach to 400TC (other cooling fabrics can only meet 300TC),which makes it have higher specific heat capacity,so Guohaoi’s cooling blanket can keep cool for a longer time, rather then for an instant of coolness.
  • Travel, Office, Home: The Guohaoi Cooling Blanket measures 2 sizes: 50×70 inches&60×90 inches. For the blanket of 50×70 inches,it’s so light and easy to carry.You can take it to anywhere even if you need take different vehicles such as the car,plane,ship,train or any others.The 60×90 inches one is good for double and full beds.You can always trust Guohaoi these cooling blankets are definitely your good choice,hether in your kids room,your cars or on your camping & business trip.
  • EASY CARE: Thanks for the high-strength weave,the cooling blankets are totally machine washable.However,better to put the blanket in a laundry mesh bag to prevent tangling and damage.Hang dry is recommended.Besides, it’s also a great birthday, holiday or anniversary gift for your important people.
  • Double-Sided Cooling Design: The top is made from special 80% mica nylon with 20% cooling protein microfiber,such perfectly scientific combination brings lasting coolness and instant coolness both.Cooling blankets make people feel more comfortable, more breathable and cooler on the unbearable hot summer days.The bottom is made of 100% cooling protein microfiber, which is soft, skin-friendly, comfortable and breathable,perfect for spring and autumn.

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Product Description


Enjoy cool summers with Guohuoi upgraded double-sided lightweight cool-touch blanket.


Why is it called a cooling blanket?

Guohuoi direct cooling blanket is made of mica nylon interwoven with Japanese ice silk cooling fibers, which can transfer body heat while reducing body temperature by about 2 to 5 degrees, thanks to this technology, you will feel cooler than other ordinary blankets.

Thermal balance and breathable moisture wicking .

Thanks to our upgraded cooling technology, our blankets aren’t sticky at all, they’re silky smooth to the touch. You won’t feel sticky or covered in sweat inside the blankets when you wake up, and their heat-balancing features help cool you down.



The high density textile of 400TC brings higher specific heat capacity.

Specific heat capacity (Specific Heat Capacity), represented by the symbol c, also known as specific heat capacity, refers to the heat energy required for each Ig substance rises or releases 1 °C. It is a physical quantity commonly used in thermodynamics, indicating the ability of an object to absorb or dissipate heat. The larger the specific heat capacity, the stronger the ability of the object to absorb or dissipate heat. So it’s cool lasting longer. The specific heat capacities of copper, aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel decrease sequentially.

Standard for cooling touch (Q-Max)

Maximum heat absorption rate (Q-max) is an easy-to-understand numerical expression for heat transfer.

Guohaoi Direct Cooling Blanket Q-Max>0.4 What is Q-Max?

The higher the Q-Max value, the better the cooling sensation to the touch.

Hope this helps if still confused.

Q-Max>0.2 you will feel ” Just a little Cool “

Q-Max>0.3 you will feel ” Yeah, Cool “

Q-Max>0.4 you will feel ” Oh ! So Cool “

Q-Max>0.5 you will feel ” Amazing, Such Cool “


Additional information

Product Type

Breathable Cooling Blanket


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