Hammock Bliss Hammock Tent with Bug Net

Hammock Bliss Hammock Tent with Bug Net


Material Ripstop Nylon & No See Um Mesh
Color Black / Silver
Brand Hammock Bliss
Product Dimensions 125″L x 53″W
Maximum Weight Recommendation 350 Pounds
  • Enjoy a Bed-Like Sleeping Space: Sky Bed Bug Free is a fully patented, asymmetrical backpacking hammock with an integrated sleeve for your inflatable sleeping pad. Create a flat, warm, and comfortable elevated bed in this amazing tent hammock.
  • No Bugs to Distract Your Sleep: Our hammock bug net features 2100 holes psi so you can enjoy an insect-free rest — no more sandflies, gnats, mosquitos, and no-see-ums. Our specially designed hammock mosquito net features incredible structural integrity, making it both tear and abrasion resistant.
  • Set Up Your Tree Hammock with Ease: This portable hammock features a 100″ / 250 cm of 6mm climbing rope per side integrated suspension system and 100” / 250 cm of 3mm cord per side of integrated netting suspension for easy setup.
  • Hang Out Without Worries: Enjoy hammock camping with our secure hanging tents for camping that are strength-tested to 350 lbs / 160 kg. With our quality YKK double-pull zippers, enter and exit your hammock quickly and easily.
  • Elevate Your Hammock Camping with Hammock Bliss: Our incredibly comfortable, lightweight hammocks are made with high-quality materials and allow you to lay back, let go and relax in bliss — no matter where your adventure takes you.

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Product Description

Relax in a warm & comfy flat bed under the sky with our bug-free camping hammock

The Sky Bed Bug Free tree hammock has an integrated sleeve for your inflatable sleeping pad

Bring our 815 g or 28.8 oz compact & lightweight camping hammock tent to a hike or trek

4 interior pockets & 6 gear loops for your things make this portable hammock spacious for resting

Our super strong & durable camping gear can accommodate up to 160 kg or 350 lbs weight capacity


The Sky Bed Bug Free features a unique asymmetrical design that allows for an amazingly flat & comfortable sleeping space. This camping hammock with netting is made of durable ripstop material with an integrated parachute silver sleeve for your inflatable pad.


Our specially formulated tear & abrasion-resistant hammock mosquito net features no-see-um mesh with 2100 holes psi to keep out sandflies, fleas, gnats, pesky mosquitoes & no-see-ums. Rest in complete bug-free comfort.


This backpacking hammock’s integrated sleeve is designed to fit a standard-sized inflatable sleeping pad adding rigidity & insulation to provide a bed-like sleeping experience.

*Inflatable Pad Is Not Included with The Sky Bed Bug Free


Lay back, let go & relax in Hammock Bliss. Our tree hammocks for camping are designed to be compact, lightweight & accessible for all lovers of the outdoors. We aim to give you the most blissful experience possible, no matter where your adventure takes you.

The Sky Bed Bug Free backpacking hammock features 2100 holes per square inch netting

This outdoor hammock accommodates thin to thick standard sized inflatable pads no wider than 20”

Each travel hammock comes with a set of instructions for quick & easy setup

This hammock with mosquito net has its own suspension system using 100" or 250 cm climbing ropes


Insert your sleeping pad. Pull pad to the end of the sleeve using the opening at the closed end of the sleeve. Place pad so that the air valve is at the open side of the sleeve for easy adjustment. Inflate your pad inside the sleeve once it is in place. Secure inflated pad in place using silver fold-over flap.


Tie your hammock to 2 trees that are 11”–13” (3 to 4 meters) apart. Use tree straps to help increase your hanging span, protect the trees & more easily secure your hammock.


Find the perfect tension. Loosen it for softer tension & tighten for a little flatter setup. Do not over-tighten. Enter by sitting near the middle, then rotate to lie down. Center your body on the silver sleeve & close the YKK zippers to complete your bug-free zone.


Store your Sky Bed Bug Free in the attached travel bag. You can also deflate your inflatable pad still inside the silver sleeve & roll the pad & hammock together to store as a single unit. Avoid sharp objects, wearing shoes & prolonged exposure to the sun.

We use YKK double pull zippers as hammock accessories so you can enter & exit with ease
Enjoy elevated hammock camping with high-quality hammocks from Hammock Bliss
Hammock Bliss is your camping headquarters for hammocks & camping accessories

Additional information

Product Purpose

Overland Sleeping

Product Type

Hammock Bliss


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