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Andrew James Store Heavy Duty Can Crusher


  • Brand –  Andrew James
  • Capacity – 16 Ounces
  • Color – 2. Grey
  • Material – Alloy Steel
  • Installation Type – Freestanding
  • CRUSH YOUR ALUMINUM CANS – By using our Andrew James Can Crusher you will drastically reduce the amount of space your cans would traditionally take up in your recycling containers
  • CRUSHES LARGE CANS UP TO 16OZ – Our can crusher smashes large cans like the size of a large energy drink
  • RECYCLE YOUR CANS – By recycling your cans you will greatly reduce the amount of waste
  • HEAVY DUTY – We can crushers are built to last and are very reliable featuring steel arms nuts and bolts
  • EASY OF USE – Our handle makes crushing your cans very simple. Even a small child will be able to use our can crusher
  • VERSATILE – Crushes cans and plastic bottles and also is a bottle opener. Hole in its top plate is designed to easily crush plastic bottles.

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From the brand

Product Description

can crusher

The Original Can & Bottle Crusher Plus a Built-in Bottle Opener

Free up space in your recycling bins making your life more organized. Easily compact and decrease the space your recycling takes up in your kitchen or garage for less mess, and less effort on trips taking out the recycling.

Effortlessy Crush Cans and Bottles to 20% Their Original Size

Crushing your recyclables is a no-brainer. The original wall-mounted, multi-purpose crusher is a tool used for crushing empty aluminum cans and plastic bottles for easier recycling. It is especially useful for those who use a lot drinking water, soda, beer, or seltzer. Can crusher is able to compress cans to a 1″ height allowing for up to 9X the amount of can storage in the same bin.

Available in 3 Different Colors – Black, Grey & Red

bottle crusher

grey can crusher

red can crusher

Crush 16.9oz Plastic Water Bottles

Crush 16oz Aluminum Cans

Crush 12oz Aluminum Cans

An Essential Kitchen Gadget You Will Use Every Day!

wall mounted can and bottle crushed hardware included

built in bottle opener

can crusher

Hardware Included

Easy and secure fastening to the wall with dry screw mounts included. Three holes at the top and one at the bottom to secure to almost any surface.

Built-in Bottle Opener on Bottom

Experience the added convenience of a heavy-duty metal bottle opener built-in right on the bottom of the crusher.

Smart Padded Protection

Features a grippy, soft foam handle and an extra-sticky pad on the bottom to keep your can or bottle secure in place and from slipping.

A Brand you Can Trust

Saving Energy

save money by recycling

Waste is not waste until you waste it

recycle in the world

Save Energy

Recycling just one can saves the amount of energy it takes to watch the Superbowl — in other words, the amount of energy needed to power a television for three hours.

Make Money

Crushing cans is a great way to make a little extra money on the side! Aluminum is more cost-effective to process and reuse after recycling than any other metal.

Reduce Waste and Mining Impacts

Mining for the production of plastic and aluminum has negative environmental impacts, like site vegetation destruction. The more we save, the less we manufacture.

Simple Recycling

Cans and bottles taking up less space makes recycling easier. Compact your cans and decrease your recycling effort making every week in your home more streamlined, greener, and cleaner.

Additional information

Product Purpose

Overland Various Accessories

Product Type

Wall Mounted Aluminum Can Crusher


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