Hromee Automatic Portable Tire Deflators Kit – 6-30 PSI

Hromee Automatic Portable Tire Deflators Kit – 6-30 PSI


  • Brand – Hromee
  • Material – Brass
  • Item Dimensions – LxWxH 7 x 4.6 x 1.8 inches
  • Item Weight-  0.9 Pounds
  • EASY OPERATION – The home tire inflator is an automatic one with a thread inside that is easy to operate. It screws directly onto your tire valve stem just like a valve cap and automatically deflates the tire to a target pressure.
  • ADJUST RANGE – The brass shell of the deflator is for increasing the durability in wind, sun, rain, and bad weather after screwing it on your truck. This kit comes with 4 brass solid deflators so you can deflate four tires simultaneously. The adjustable range is 6 to 30 PSI.
  • HIGH ACCURACY – The tire deflator comes fine-tuned to a factory pre-set to deflate tires to 14 psi, which is generally considered a good all-around off-road tire pressure. If you worry about the accuracy, a pressure gauge is ready for a double check.
  • PRESSURE GAUGE – The deflation set includes a tire pressure gauge that features an extended 360-degree swivel chuck tip that allows for easy access to any angle. The rubber protective case surrounds the pressure gauge to protect it from damage and help you grip it. The surprising design is a glowing dial including numbers, a pointer, and a scale that is convenient to use at the dark.
  • CARRYING CASE – We prepare a leather bag and case for you to store. This kit comes with extra tire accessories such as 4PCS valve cores, 4 PCS plastic and 4 PCS chrome hex valve caps, and 1 PC 4-way tool. It will be a perfect tire deflation tool for your car, motorcycle, truck, bike, SUV, RV, or ATV.


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Product Description

tire inflator

tire deflator

High Quality & Best Service

Hromee has professional engineering team that design and collocate with various of automotive tools including tire repair kit, plugs, air hose etc. We also own a factory over 10 years. All products are produced and shipped from factory to Amazon warehouse directly so we provide the best service and highest quality to you.


In the soft sandy ground, a fully inflated tire will sink down when you attempt to drive your truck or rig through it because the point of contact between the tires and sand is narrower. When you deflate a tire, the contact area or footprint of the tire increase so will not dig as deep into the sand as a fully inflated narrow tire.

  • Material: Brass
  • Deflation Range: 6-30 PSI
  • Pressure Gauge: 0-80 PSI
  • Glow in the Dark Gauge Dial

tire deflator

tire deflator

tire deflator

Easy Carrying

We also prepare a leather bag and case for you to storage.

Pressure Gauge

Glowing dial including numbers, pointer and scale is convenient at dark.


It screws directly onto your tire valve stem and automatically deflates to a target pressure.

tire deflator


  1. The factory preset pressure to 14 PSI.
  2. Do not interchange components.
  3. Per 3 PSI adjustment is by per half turn of the adjustable cap.
  4. When the difference of tire pressure and your setting pressure is within 8 PSI, a manual operation is required: lifting the pin on the top to open the deflator.

tire deflator

tire deflator

tire deflator

tire deflator





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Automatic Tire Deflators Kit


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