ICECO GO20 Dual Zone Portable Refrigerator with Danfoss Compressor, 20 Liter/21 Quart, DC 12/24V, AC 100-240V, 0℉ to 50℉,

ICECO GO20 Dual Zone Portable Refrigerator with Danfoss Compressor, 20 Liter/21 Quart, DC 12/24V, AC 100-240V, 0℉ to 50℉,

Product Dimensions 12.6″D x 22.4″W x 12.4″H
Capacity 21 Quarts
Configuration Compact Internal Freezer
Energy Star 4 Star
Color Gray
Installation Type Freestanding
Number of Doors 2
Refrigerant R-134A
Finish Type Glossy
  • ※【High Quality】Cooling ranges from 0°F to 50°F (-18℃-10℃). SECOP Compressor has fast cooling mode, using limited power to maximize the cooling effect. Anti-bump compressor makes it possible to work stably even under 40°
  • ※【Flexible Dual-zone Design】Automatic switching between single and dual zone mode by removing detachable partition, providing 2 separate zones for refrigeration and freezing with 2 independent digital controller.
  • ※【Home & Car Use】Each refrigerator is equipped with a 2.5m cigarette lighter and an adapter. It can be used at home(110/240V) and cars(12V/24V). APP control. Downsize to 1/3 the size of a traditional cooler with no ice needed.
  • ※【Certification & Awards】Winner of German Red Dot Design Award & IDEA International Design Excellence Award; ETL Certificate.
  • ※【Warranty & Service】 5 Years warranty on the compressor and 1 Year warranty on accessories. Local after-sales telephone service is available and your Amazon messages will be answered within 24 hours even on weekends.








From the brand

Product Description

On the go with your ICECO Car Fridge

ICECO 21 Quart Portable Freezer Refrigerator


ICECO is a brand specializing in developing, manufacturing, and distributing portable refrigerators. Every time you bring your portable fridge, whether on a day trip or major expedition, which is undoubtedly the cost effective and mobile solution for your freezing requirements.

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Superior Design


Flexible Dual-zone Design

Install the partition to automatically switch to double-zone mode, pull out the partition to a larger single-zone refrigerator.


SECOP Compressor

Use SECOP compressor as the core of refrigerator to ensures stable performance and efficient cooling even at 40°.


APP Control

Able to control all settings into one device and monitor your refrigerator anytime at your fingertips.


3-Level Battery Protection

The fridge automatically power off when battery protection works. Prevents excessive battery discharge.


Damping Door Hinge

Slowly descending design protects you from pinching.


LED Light

Built-in LED light makes it easy to take out what you want even in darkness.

GO20G Handles

Built-in Handles

Embedded handles save space for your car or truck.


Excellent Ventilation Design

Vents on three sides to speed up heat dissipation and improve cooling efficiency.

Why can’t I download or update APP?

ICECO GO20 APP is undergoing system maintenance and upgrade, the system upgrade is expected to be completed before March 2023. Thank you for your understanding.


When I observe that only the lock button of fridge is on and I could not make any adjustment. What should I do?

Press the lock button until the other numbers light up to wake up the control panel. This is to prevent accidental touches from changing the settings of the refrigerator.


Is it normal for a small range of temperature fluctuations on the refrigerator display?

This is a normal phenomenon. SECOP compressor with top technology will intelligently start and shut down according to the temperature demand, realizing high-efficiency refrigeration and energy saving in one.


I have questions about my order or the carrier put my package upside down, what should I do?

We process the order within a working day. If it has been upside down, you should put the refrigerator upright for 24 hours before testing it. If you have any questions, please contact seller on amazon or dial at 9:00 AM-5:00 PM (PT), working days.


Is it normal for me to hear the tiny sound of running water when the refrigerator is running?

This is the sound of the refrigerant passing through the pipe during refrigeration, which is normal. Closing the lid will soften the sound.



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