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JOYTUTUS 12 Volt Portable Electric Freezer – 26 Quart / 25L

  • Product Dimensions – 12.6″D x 13.8″W x 22.4″H
  • Brand – JOYTUTUS
  • Capacity – 26 Quarts
  • Configuration Compact Internal – Freezer
  • Energy Star – 4 Star
  • Color – Silver, Black
  • Special Feature – Compressor
  • Installation Type – Freestanding
  • Number of Doors  – 1
  • Defrost System Automatic
  • COOL QUICKLY & STAY COLD – Using the aluminum evaporator and compressor, JOYTUTUS portable refrigerator is fast in cooling and easy to adjust between -7.6℉ to 50℉. An empty car refrigerator cools down from 77℉ to 32℉ within 15 minutes. Save money 10x the purchase price versus you buying ice and fast food because the 12v freezer will keep your food frozen along the way and holds temps without spoiling.
  • SUPER QUIET & LIGHTWEIGHT – JOYTUTUS 12V refrigerator will impress you with how quiet it is. This semi truck refrigerator is almost silent that you won’t notice it at all during your driving. Besides, you can carry this portable fridge through a beach by yourself because it’s lightweight, portable even with the embedded handle. Weight: 24.9lb. External dimension: 22.4 * 12.6 * 13.8 inches. Internal size: 13.8 * 9.8 * 10.7 inches.
  • CONSUME LESS THAN 1kWh PER DAY – JOYTUTUS fridge freezer can be adjusted to MAX MODE for fast cooling and ECO MODE for energy saving. The rated power of MAX MODE is 45W while ECO MODE is 36W. The compressor will work about 16 hours per day and the consumption for MAX MODE is about 0.72 kWh per day.
  • CAR BATTERY PROTECTION – The portable fridge for car can set the starting voltage by adjusting H/M/L gear control. When the car battery power is low, it will stop running to protect the car battery. JOYTUTUS 12v fridge can keep away from draining the car battery efficiently.
  • WARRANTY & PACKAGE – JOYTUTUS ac/dc portable refrigerators will provide a 2-year quality warranty and lifetime technical support. Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Package included: 1 * JOYTUTUS portable refrigerator freezer + 1 * AC adapter (for household)+ 1 * DC cord(for car and power station) + 1 * user manual.

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From the brand

Product Description

26 quart car freezer

JOYTUTUS Portable Refrigerator – With A Spring In Your Step All Day

Are you worried that you can’t drink cold water when you go a trip in summer?

Are you worried about dragging a heavy refrigerator to your camping glassland or beach?

Or are you worried that the noisy refrigerator will affect your driving experience?

JOYTUTUS portable refrigerator may be the perfect choice to meet your need.

  • With advanced compressor and aluminum evaporator, it only takes 15 minutes to reach freezing temperature 32℉. Keeping your food fresh and your drinks cold the whole journey. Save you money and time from buying ice.
  • An empty refrigerator is only 24.9 pounds, it’s lightweight and portable enough for a girl to carry and move it easily.
  • The sound is about 40 dB, which is almost quiet and you can’t hear it during your driving.

portable refrigerator

portable refrigerator

What You Get
  • 1 JoyTutus 26-quart car refrigerator
  • 1 11ft DC power cord(12/24V)
  • 1 5.9ft AC adapter(110-240V)
  • 1 User Manual
  • Lifelong technical support

Magnet Door

Better sealing

Compared with other lids that need to be pressed when closing it, JoyTutus refrigerator’s door is convenient to close by the magnet. And, the magnet door will make the door close tightly, preventing cold air leakage effectively.

Circulatory System

When reaching the lowest temperature, it will continue this cycle to make the temperature rise and decrease. It increases since energy-saving and protects the compressor while it drops to maintain the temperature to keep the food fresh.

portable refrigerator control panel

car refrigerator capaticy

portable refrigerator

Intelligent Control System

With the intelligent design, the fridge will remember the temperature you set, so you don’t need to reset it in the next-time use.Press “Set” and “+” at the same time for 3 seconds to switch between Celsius (°C) and Fahrenheit (°F).

26 Quart / 25L Capacity

Internal dimensions: 13.77*10.74*9.76 inches. Allow you to place drinks upright below 12.36 inches in height. 26 quart is a perfect size for going out to join outdoor parties, picnic, camping, or road trips with your friends or family.

Easy To Carry

With this embedded handle, it is easy to carry the portable refrigerator from your car or home to your outdoor activity place by one person. It’s queit lightweight, an empty refrigerator is only 24.9 lb.

portable refrigerator
portable refrigerator

portable refrigerator


  • If you need to keep food frozen outside, such as ice cream and meat, you can cool the refrigerator to – 4 ℉ at home, and then put the frozen food in the refrigerator and take it to the car. This method will have a better effect to ensure that your food is 100% fresh
  • When the refrigerator is working, please reserve 6 inches of space around the cooling port of the refrigerator for cooling, otherwise it will affect the refrigeration of the refrigerator. This method can ensure your refrigerator cools down faster and prolong the life of the refrigerator.
  • If your portable refrigerator needs to be taken to camping or picnic, it’s best to use it with JOYTUTUS power station. The output voltage of JOYTUTUS power station is developed to professionally match with the refrigerator, which can ensure the refrigeration work perfectly.

Additional information

Product Purpose

Overland Camp Cooking

Product Type

Portable Electric Freezer


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