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Likeyib Portable Small Space Ceramic Electric Heater – 1500W


  • Brand – Likeyib
  • Special Feature – Portable
  • Color – BLACK
  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage Indoor
  • Product Dimensions – 1″D x 1″W x 1″H
  • PTC CERAMIC HEATING, WARMTH RIGHT AWAY – With advanced PTC ceramic heating technology, the LIKEYIB space heater can heat any indoor space faster, with 70 degrees of free rotation to distribute heat more evenly and warm your space over a large area, the portable space heater has 3 settings including high heat, low heat, and fan mode. Fan mode will provide cool air. Don’t worry about its idle problem, believe us it accompanies you for any season
  • ADJUST THE TEMPERATURE TO YOUR NEEDS – This portable compact space heater is adjustable between 50 and 113 ℉ and comes with an adjustable remote thermostat, so you can choose the temperature setting you want, and will keep you comfortable at all times, don’t look at it small, but it’s very functional, it’s the perfect companion for a comfort space in the winter!
  • SUITABLE FOR INDOOR USE ANYWHERE – Our portable electric heater not only takes up little space but is also very quiet. This portable electric heater has a DC motor and a 9-blade fan, which makes it suitable as a desk heater for the office to warm your ice hands, as well as any indoor space use, replacing the noisy electric heater fan !
  • SAFETY AND SAVE ELECTRICITY – You do not have to waste a fortune on central heating at home and do not need to worry about the heater because of overheating caused by the house fire, you can only warm the space you actually use, so do environmental protection and energy saving, portable and compact features so that it can warm any space you want to warm at any time, anywhere, in addition, we have designed a sensor to the compact heater, as long as the heater overturned problem it will automatically stop working, Warm you up while keeping you safe
  • TO DO THE REAL WARMTH – LIKEYIB team spent a lot of thought on the development of this product, from product quality, portability, safety, and practicality of every aspect of the examination, only to let you experience the warmth and peace of mind in the cold winter products,

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Product Description

Portable space heaters
Portable space heaters



Color: black


Temperature setting: 50 ~ 113 ℉

(3-speed heating/Fan only )



portabale heater+remote controller


  • Portable
  • 70 ° Automatic rotation
  • Tip over protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Safety plug
  • 12H timer setting(2H+4H+6H)
Portable space heaters

Portable space heaters

Portable space heaters

Portable space heaters


5W/1st gear – natuarl wind circulating air cooling machine

750W/2nd gear – low heat Comfortable warm air soft and gentle

1500W/3rd geat – high heat Strong warm wind ,not afraid of the coldness


LIKEYIB design team specially designed for space heaters, easy to pick up the handle, the handle is designed in the back of the space heater, so you do not have to touch the air outlet can easily pick it up, and do not have to lift both hands, thought it is really very portable and small, just a one-handed mention, you can take it to warm any space you want


When there are pets and children in the family fuss accidentally knocked over the space heater, the heater will automatically stop working to prevent fire caused by the continued work after falling to the ground, in addition, when the heater works too long to cause the heater overheating, it will also automatically stop working to protect the safety of users

Space heaters
many scenarios waiting for you to experienc


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Additional information

Product Type

Ceramic Electric Heater


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