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OMNIA Stovetop Camp Oven Kit


  • Brand – Omnia
  • Outer Material – Silicone
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH – 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
  • Product Care Instructions – Oven Safe
  • Number of Pieces 5
  • Set of 5 Products – OMNIA Camp Oven, Silicone Mold, Potholders, Baking Grid and Storage Bag
  • The perfect starter kit or gift for anyone who wants to level up their campsite, RV or boat trip cooking. OMNIA provides you with a genuine oven function on top of your gas burner or stovetop.

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Product Description

Omnia oven banner - Stovetop oven in sunset on campsite


The Omnia works on all heat sources to provide you with oven functionality even you are limited to a stove-top.

With your Omnia, you can make fresh-baked bread and delicious oven dishes directly on the hob. Omnia is easy to use, lightweight, compact and requires no installation.

The Omnia’s simple, robust design features three parts that work together to provide heat from above and below: the pan, the base and the lid. These three parts must always be used together.

The Omnia Pan is a specially designed circular container with a hole in the middle. It stands on a bowl-shaped base that also has a hole in the middle. The base is designed to direct heat from the heat source around the bottom of the Omnia Pan. The holes in the base and the Omnia pan conduct the heat up and through the Omnia where it hits the lid and provides heat from the top.

The Omnia Baking Rack allows you to get an even better result with the Omnia Portable Stove Top Oven.

oven rack baking grid in Omnia dish with croissants

Bake off baguettes

steam fish and vegetables

One of our must-have accessories compatible with the Omnia standard-sized pan.

Makes cooking, baking and steaming easier. For everything you want the hot air to circulate around, such as:

  • Baked potatoes
  • Fries
  • Chicken wings
  • Pre baked bread

Bake-off Baguettes

The Oven Rack is ideal for re-heating or baking anything where you want the air to circulate all-around the food. No more soggy croissants or baguettes!

Healthy cooking

Simply add a little water to the Omnia pan under the rack to steam fish and vegetables – healthy and delicious!

The Silicone Mold – Non-stick and Easy-to-clean surface for your Omnia Pan

Silicone Mold brownie

Spanish Tortilla

Japanese fish recipe

Simple non-messy oven baking

The Silicone Mold provides a non-stick and dishwasher safe surface to your Omnia Pan.

Endless recipes and inspiration

The Omnia community keeps growing, and new recipes and inspiration posts are shared all the time! Sweet and savory dishes are all perfectly cooked, baked and prepared in Omnia ovens every day.

Unleash your creativity

Campsite cooking has never been easier – level up your on-the-go kitchen with the Omnia Kit1 today.

Can be used on any heat source, stove tops and camp cooking burners – Except induction stovetops

stove top oven

gas stove


Additional information

Product Purpose

Overland Camp Cooking

Product Type

Stovetop Camp Oven Kit


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