The Sidewinder is a hard-sided all-side opening rooftop tent with more standard included options. The Sidewinder has a set-up and put-away time of less than a minute. To set up, unlock two latches, pull down your ladder and insert 2 window rods. Reverse the process for put away. The Overland Vehicle Systems Sidewinder comes standard with an anti-condensation mat under the thick 2” mattress; standard functional and removable crossbars for additional exterior storage; an insulated honeycomb base; and enough interior space to store bedding when closed.

The Sidewinder Roof Top Tent Roof Top Tent also comes with Adjustable Interior Pop-Up Struts that increase linear headroom through the length of the Roof Top Tent, allowing campers to stand up straight and ideal for additional support when weight has been added to the cross bars. The innovative design of the Sidewinder Roof Top Tent is clean, rugged, durable, sleek and an aerodynamic choice compared to traditional Roof Top Tents.

The Overland Vehicle Systems Sidewinder Roof Top Tent Roof Top Tent is designed to carry extra gear for your adventure. It features t-slot accessory channels to help mount recovery gear and many other smaller lightweight accessories. The Sidewinder Roof Top Tent Roof Top Tent comes with 2 standard cross bars, which are fully compatible with Thule and Yakima accessories. The cross bars are not expandable, but they have the ability to be removed if need be.