Oyooqo Portable Outdoor Camping Shower with Rechargeable Water Pump and 5-Gal Bucket

Oyooqo Portable Outdoor Camping Shower with Rechargeable Water Pump and 5-Gal Bucket


  • Configuration-Battery-powered outdoor water shower; 12-volt car lighter port-powered camping shower; 12-volt battery- operated water pump; pure copper brushless motor; 13-foot shower hose with water-conserving showerhead & high-pressure car wash gun & garden sprinkler with 7 outlet modes; two portable water bags; 5-gallon water tank with wet and dry separation. The device is powered by a built-in lithium battery or a 12V car charger. The lithium battery is charged by a 100 -240V household power
  • Features – Powerful booster system(power: 90 Watts; flow:6L/Min; pressue:03-0.8MPa). The large-capacity built-in lithium battery can provide a full charge of 40-45 minutes work (30 consecutive minutes). The water use rate is as high as 99%. You can add more water at any time. Spraying water pressure is not not limited by water level changes and water addition during use. Equipped with copper connectors for quick installation and extended service life.
  • Professional and Durable – German imported pure copper brushless motor, Strong power, waterproof and and anti-leakage. High-power high-end intelligent induction frequency conversion, automatic shutdown when water is off, more efficient and energy saving. Intelligent temperature control overheating protection is more secure. The durable 12000MA large-capacity built-in lithium battery makes the battery life longer.
  • Fast and easy operation- No tap water limit or power limit, if you want a shower, you can do it almost instantly. Just fill it with water (warm or hot water appr.122 ° f), connect the hose and nozzle with fast connectors, turn on the switch, then you can shower anywhere for camping/road trip/caravan travel/surfing / diving / fishing.
  • Multipurpose – Ideal for a wide variety of outdoor recreation, home and garden purposes. E.g. As portable shower for garden shower/pool shower/camping shower/pet shower. Used as a rinse kit for camping/road trip/caravan travel/surfing / diving / fishing. Used as a garden irrigation tool for watering plants/lawn. As a domestic helper, it is used to clean the dirt and mud on floors/walls/ balconies / patio / bicycles / cars / decks / farm facilities / fruits and vegetables, etc.

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Product Description

OYOOQO is based on the needs of campers and aims to provide easier, faster, better outdoor cleaning solutions. In particular, our electric pressure showers are becoming more and more popular with campers and travelers. Whether it’s camping on the beach, or road- tripping in the backcountry, you don’t have to forego the soothing shower you deserve at home, and keep you and your equipment clean on the go.

As the holidays approach, many people start planning for their upcoming outdoor camping trips For a perfect trip, your planning may start with finding the perfect camping essentials such as camping tents, backpacks, heaters, cooking utensils and more. And a portable outdoor camping shower is certainly one of the essentials. After a long day of staying outdoors on the beach, in the grass or swimming in the water, covered in sweat and mud, you must be in desperate need of a quick and comfortable shower,but don’t you think how crazy it is when there are no shower facilities for dozens of kilometres? This outdoor portable shower gives you the ideal solution, outdoor bathing and other outdoor cleaning is now so quick and easy for you.


This rechargeable shower system brings you a easier and fast camping shower. There’s no tap water limit (with 5 gallon water tank) or power limit (with 12000 ma built-in lithium battery) . If you want a shower, you can do it almost instantly. The operation is very simple, just fill it with water(warm or hot, 122 ° f is ok), connect the hose and nozzle ( through the quick connectors), turn on the switch, then you can shower anywhere.

This battery powered shower unit has a well-matched pressure system(power:90W; flow:6L/Min; pressue:03-0.8MPa), and its rinse pressure is stable without affect by water decreases, so you can add more at any time as you need. Water use rate is up to 99%. When fully charged, it can give 40-45 mins of shower. The 5 gallon tank is the best size to carry with one hand. With two portable 2.5-gallon water bags that fit exactly in the 5-gallon tank, they help make it easier to store clean water and transport it to the camp.


There is also a multi-purpose spray nozzle that can be used alternatively. By turning the spout at the top of the nozzle you can easily switch between different spray wash modes. The high speed mode is used to quickly rinse dirt from cars and bicycles, but also from balconies, patios, furniture etc. at home; the medium speed mode is used for regular watering of plants, while the low speed mode has a great misting effect for your many uses.


More and more people going on holiday to caravan parks and campsites like to take their furry pets with them, as they provide great company and force you to go on many walks! With the OYOOQO Outdoor Camping Shower Portable, your pets can enjoy many free trips with you without having to worry about their paws getting covered in mud and sand from playing in the grass, rivers, and on the beach!

Its 5-gallon water tank is the perfect size for one-handed carry. There are two portable 2.5-gallon water bags that will just about fill the 5 gallon tank. Use them to carry water for outdoor use in the camper on the way.


This portable camping shower is equipped with a high flow and durable shower head and the one-touch on/off design helps you to control the water flow very easily with one hand.

Product Specifications:

Material: ABS plastic

Hose length: 2M/6.5 ft

Bucket size: L14.5*W12.2*H11.8

Battery capacity: 120000 mAh

Power: 90 Watts

Working time: 40-45 mins

Water flow: 6L/Min

Charging method: Output household power(5V/2A )

Charging time: approx. 4-5 hours (depends on power source)

Applicable water temperature: 32 ° F – 140 ° F


What you will get:

1 X 5-Gallon Collapsible Bucket

1 X Shower Head

1 X Multi-purpose Nozzle

1 X 6.5 ft (2m) Hose

1 X Charger

1 X Color User Manual

2 X 2.5-Gallon water bags

Additional information

Product Type

Portable Camping Shower


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